HRT or not


Do I take hrt patches or not, I know it can help the bones but I heard so much about it pros and cons that I am confuse, my menopause symptoms aren’t bad just hot flushes of sort which means just my head\face , snapping at family and no periods 

any opinions welcome 

L xx

HI I’m 5 months post radical hysterectomy and I’ve decided not to have hrt although I’m struggling with the flushes and night sweats but other than that I’m fine..I’m going to go down the natural route..I think the cons of taking hrt far outwayed the pros for me 

good luck 

Kay x

Hrt  doesn't do anything for me I don't really get flushes or anything but doc wanted me to have it for my bones 

I've elected not to, I'm 12 weeks post hysterectomy, I've had a few hot flushes, but these may be chemo related. My consultant suggested that I can have HRT at any point in the future if I feel I'm struggling.

I have decided not to go on hrt now as my symptoms are manageable andy specialist nurse would be taking off hrt in 18 months when I turn 50


I am facing the same dilemma as Limesbabe, I'm 41 and had a recent radical hysterectomy, doctors now want me to go on EVOREL patches for 10 years but I read on the cancer research site that it can increase your chances of getting breast cancer :(

However, doctor said if I don't take it my bones might be effected and higher risk of heart disease/attack.

Can anyone verify the pros and cons please so I can try make the best decision.

I haven't started on them yet but they have been prescribed ready for me to start.