To HRT or not to HRT!

Hi All, 

Hope everyone is doing ok in this crazy world of ours. Just looking for a bit of advice! I have not had a period since treatment finished last year so now officially post menopausal. I have not suffered terribly (although hard to figure out if some symptoms are treatment or menopause related). I had a chat with my doctor today and she really thinks I should take HRT up to menopause age which would be 3-4 years. It's not something I was considering due to the risk of it causing another cancer but she feels it would be really beneficial to prevent osteoporosis. It just scares me a bit but I don't like the thoughts of hip fractures either. Any thoughts? 
xx Maria

Sti having the exact same doubts. I will ask my doctor about this in 2 weeks. Just had my 1 year post treatmenr MRI this morning, fingers and toes crossed 


I can understand your fears about osteoporosis as it's in my family and I saw my poor Mum (RIP) get progressively more bent as a series of debilitating and painful vertebral fractures took their toll although she managed to get to age 89y without having a hip fracture.  I started being concerned about osteoporosis after I broke a wrist in my mid 50s - just wish I'd paid more attention to getting smear tests (see my back story).

I would suggest doing a bit of homework so you can make an informed decision which might help settle some of your fears and doubts about how to go forward in terms of HRT.  There are various risk factors that can make it more likely for an individual to develop osteoporosis - an organisation that can offer information about these is the Royal Osteoporosis Society:  I guess you would then also need to understand  the risk of other cancers if you took HRT - I'm not sure what other types of cancers might be involved - I'm guessing breast cancer - might be worth trying the helpline of Cancer Research UK for information or maybe signposting.


Hi Izzy,

Keeping everything crossed for you, yet another anxious wait. Your treatment finished exactly 1 week before mine so we're at the same stage in our journey. I had 9 month scans so my next one is just a check up in 3 weeks and then scans in February. My gp has said I am not at an increased risk of other cancers by just replacing what I'm missing for a few more years but everything I'm reading says there is a small increased risk. 2 extra per 100 for breast cancer and 1 per thousand for ovarian. I know the numbers aren't very big but I didn't think I'd get cervical cancer either. Decisions, decisions! Let us know how the scans go. 
x Maria

Jazza thanks for your reply. I think having gone through cancer and seeing other ladies dealing with breast and ovarian cancer it terrifies me. It appears there is a definite small increased risk from taking it. I just need to check out any alternatives. I'm not bothered about hot flushes, night sweats etc. but bone health is a bit different. More research needed for me I think. 
x Maria