Tired of everyone watching my post

I’m feeling anoyed, every letter I get my family is there is that from the hospital. Then when I did get something from the hospital (a leaflet that should have arrived prior to my treatment), I get what was your letter from the hospital. Well what did your leaflet say? Well what does it say? Well what’s it about? Is it just about what they offer? 20 questions.

I feel like I’ve got no privacy and no time to digest things myself

My results haven’t arrived yet, I just want some privacy, has anyone managed to get their results emailed to them?

Maybe if you ring the hospital they might be able to email them to you rather than post them. Sorry to hear your having a tough time it's hard when people don't understand how you feel and they think because they love you there doing right by you but don't really consider your feelings. Would your family not leave it if you said I appreciate your concern but back off let me have my space and deal and process this then when I'm ready I'll let you know. 

I have then I get the were just worried or wait a while and ask again.  

I just need my own head space and don't need to be bombarded with 100 questions. 

I realise there just showing concern but as it is there is nothing to be concerned about, I don't know anything And all being well it's all been picked up in time.

doesnt help I find it difficult to talk about my bits lol


Yeah I understand it's not realy a topic people want to talk about, I think you family need to understand you have had the procedure and it's probably all sorted and fine so asking you is just a constant reminder when all you want to do is forget and carry on with life, I'm sorry you are going through this it's hard enough as it is without the 1001 questions when realy we all don't know much about it ourself. I really don't know what else to suggest. 

I tried ringing  the hospital today, the lady wasn't sure about my request as the departments secretary was off today.  But gave me a direct number to call tomorrOw.  So fingers crossed 

Yes fingers crossed, let me know how you get on, can't see why it would be a problem. Saves them paying to post it. X

I know what you mean. As someone who likes to keep health issues private I only told my immediate family and 3 close friends, my mum however told hundreds of people including her hairdresser and the postman! I hated feeling out of control of who knew what and the whole sympathy thing just made me feel like I was really sick. Well done for talking to them about it. Keep voicing your frustrations on here if nothing changes. Just FYI, the hospital is unlikely to give you results over the phone, I tried that too, they said the receptionists aren't qualified to understand them so we have to wait for the letter. Still worth trying but didn't want you to get your hopes up xxx

I know I just want to be in control or at least feel like I am and tell people in my own time

Well I asked about email and they said no as its not secure......  But they agreed to send it via my work address so thats a start