Don't know what to do anymore

Hi ladies, its n now been just over 3 weeks since my lletz i'm petrified i'm gpnna get diagnosed any day now. My bloomin symptoms are backi'm very worried. One of my closr friends i think is trying to wind me up n upset me, didn't realise he knew i could have cancer but i think he may of found out through my sisters boyfriends mum a swho's his best friends mum. I knoo he's been purposefully upsetting me over whats happened in the past, throwing words around to upset me, i'm sick of it now, think i'm gonna have to give up my friday nights cos its all getting too much. I wish things weren't so hard but they arr my closest friend is someone thats purposefully winding me up, hpw the hell did i end up here.

Sharon sounds like you are in a very low place right now, and its being made worse as you are not geting the support you should

Why don't you ask this good friend why he is saying specific things to wind you up - maybe draw him out and get him to admit what he knows.

Chase up the hospital for results and see how long that will be.  You'd like to think that if you've had no calls after 3 weeks then no news is good news - at least thats the premise I am working on !


Hang in there, don't know what else to say




you seem to have had a really crappy start to your weekend my dear. I agree with Disey, have a word with the people who are not supporting you as they should. A few truths to them about how you are feeling might make them wake up.

hope today has been a bit happier for you


Thanks Disey and Dons, i'm feeling abit better now, think all this stress is getting to me. I'm gonna ring the hospital on monday and chase them up. Its annoying cos my biopsy results took 5 Weeks. I really think i need to sort my head out. Thank you ladies x

Huge hugs Sharon.

Im sorry your having such a rough time at the minute. 

I think some people are just quite insensitive at times when we need them the most and they don't realise how much some thing can worry or effect us. 

I agree with the other ladies, maybe ask him why he's not being as supportive as he can be. Or if you don't feel comfortable asking him then try and distract yourself with other things that don't involve him. 

Friendship is a two way thing and if he isn't willing to support you when you need him the most then maybe he's just not a very nice friend. 

Not really sure of what else to say to help you feel better other then were always hear for a chat. 



Sending a big old hug.....and some calm vibes through cyber space in the hope they reach you and give you some respite.

Hope you get your results soon hun.....fingers crossed its good news xxxx