wish me luck

Holy smokes ladies, 

Just called the Colposcopy unit at my hospital who have told me i should be receiving my results today in the mail. Hoping everything OK from my LLETZ but a tad scared as her reaction didn't really sound too positive.

Update to follow soonest! Wish me luck xxx

Hi Coral, My daughter had exactly the same thing happen last week. She rang the hospital for her results and they said they werent allowed,t give results over the phone. We panicked because it didnt sound right. Two days later the letter arrived and it was all ok. Please try not to worry i know its rreally hard but they cannot give results over the phone they are simply not allowed to. Hope this helps you and very good luck with your results.xxx

Good luck Coral, im also waiting on results had treatment same week as yourself so hopefully i will here this week.

Ive been reading this site over the past month and have found it very helpfull . Ive had problems on and off for the past 8 years hopefully this time it will be all clear.

Fingers crossed yours is good news.

Jackie xx



Hi ladies, just want to try and reassure u a little, although im sure every hospital is different. My hospital told me I would recieve results from colposcopy in the post, however I got called in to discuss them instead where I was given the bad news, so try not to worry right now. :)

Thanks ladies! Post still not arrived yet so popped out to take my mind off it!



Hi all just an update...

Nothing came in the post yesterday (assuming it is today) but my GP has them. They said they cannot make me an appointment to tell me as I am now under a consultant at my hospital. Trying to call my consultants assistant this morning to arrange a date (need to know for work as i work shifts). Getting worried about this as IF it was normal surely they would just put it in writing and my GP would be able to tell me?

Really dont know how to feel about this but will keep you updated. I am trying to stay positive!