Time off work for LLETZ



Just wondering if any of you have had to take the day/s after a LLETZ off work? 

Mine is due on the 27th Feb under local anaesthetic and I have just booked the day of the procedure.

Saying all goes fine (i.e no infections or anything) do you think going to work the next day is feasible? 

I have quite a sedentary job but the commute involves about 30 minutes of walking each way. 

Thanks in advance, you are all so helpful! xx


I had mine on 14th Jan under general but felt fine the next day apart from period like pains and small amount of bleeding - although I guess it's probably different for everyone.  I'm not sure about the 30 minutes walking each way though - a gentle stroll? or full on rush through crowds to work.  I remember being told to take things very easy and not to do anything strenuous - so if unsure maybe phone and ask for some advice in advance.

Hope all goes well.

Take care.

Thanks for the advice x

Half of that is through City of London in rush hour but I'm sure can be done in a gentle stroll...impatient Londoner's will just have to chill out!

How are you feeling now? Have you got your results back yet? xx


Yes ... best they give you a clear route through smile  

I go tomorrow for my results ... no hint of any results or what to expect in my appointment letter which really made me anxious.  I lost my mum a week before my treatment so was in a real state anyway.  I pleaded for someone to give me some idea of results and the consultant phoned me back - I didn't get everything he said but I remembering him saying hysterectomy was an option.  At least I've got a fair idea what to expect tomorrow!  The only thing I think is that I can't feel any more hurt and sad than I feel already so will just go with what they advise.

Take care.


Oh my God I'm so sorry, that is so so sad xx

I really hope tomorrow brings good news, best of luck xx

Thank you ... and I'm so very sorry ... I shouldn't have really put all that cos I've just hijacked your post with my problems!  

Thinking of you.  Let us know how you get on. I've got everything crossed for you.





Please don't apologise, I can't even imagine what you must be going through. And to have this worry on top of everything that's happened... you are one strong woman. I hope you're getting the support you need from friends and family xx

Yes I will definitely let you know how I get on, can you do the same, thoughts are with you xx

Everything crossed for you today AJD xx

Thank you so much xx. 

I've been booked in on 2nd March for second lot of LLETZ and Hysteroscopy under general anaesthetic (thank god!).  She said that results from that (4-6weeks)  should determine whether I need a hysterectomy.

Hope you're ok xx

That's good (is it, what's good when you're getting your vajayjay invaded constantly?!)

Glad it's not the C word. And hope you're doing ok xxx

Hope you don't mind me asking but how have you ended up needing two LLETZ so close together? I am waiting for a date for mine for CIN1 & 2 and a complete mess about it. I have a huge phobia of intimate health treatments and the thought that the LLETZ isn't the end of it has sent me mad!

Hi.  The first biopsy shows that they haven't removed  everything so they will take a larger margin this time - along with another biopsy I think ..  and camera for further investigation.   They don't seem to hang about if results aren't clear which is a really good thing, so I'm slightly reassured that everything is being done in good time.  Because I'd had a difficult smear I was really anxious and uptight with the first LLETZ treatment.  I tried to relax but they just couldn't carry out the treatment at the colposcopy appointment so sent me for day surgery under general.  To be honest if you are very anxious then I'd phone and talk to them and maybe they can give you a different option.  I remember a friend of mine got so anxious about smears that her Dr prescribed her a valium or something.  I've found them all to be really understanding and kind ... so maybe it's well worth sounding them out.

I really feel for you and hope you manage to sort out the best way for you.

Take care


Makes everything more bearable to sleep through the whole procedure laughing  I'm just hoping that the second biopsy shows no cancer or further treatment needed and then I can start to put myself back together again. I can't keep still at the best of times, so the thought of a 6-8 week slow recovery from a hysterectomy ... well, I'd be a complete nightmare and probably divorced after the first few days smile

How are you doing?  Hope you're ok.