Results after Lletz - how long did you wait?

Hi all,

I know I have already posted on here but wanted to see if anyone else had their Lletz over Christmas and got their results back yet? I had Lletz on 23rd December for high grade abnormalities. It has only been 10 working days so am I being too impatient to think I would get the results yet? How long did everyone have to wait?

Hi I waited 6 weeks exactly on my results but from what I've read it can be sooner.. hope it is for you it's not easy waiting on results.. try to stay positive x 

Hi Natalie,

I had my Lletz on 25th November. I was told 2-3 weeks for results, but it will be 7 weeks tomorrow! I phoned the GP after 5 weeks who hadn't any info and suggested I telephone the hospital where I had the treatment which I did. The receptionist told me my results weren't back from the lab. I phoned again yesterday to be told they still weren't back and she was waiting on another lady's results who had had treatment before me! I'm worrying a bit more now though, as I've been bleeding again today for the first time in weeks! So, I think it just depends on where you had the treatment.

Fingers crossed you get your results soon x

Oh no Lisjane - I hope you don't have much longer to wait. I do now hope that the longer it takes to get my results back the better the outcome? Surely if it was bad they would call/send out the results sooner?? Maybe they prioritise the serious cases first? The waiting is horrible though and the lack of help/after care from the Lletz is rubbish as well! xx