Time Off Work After LLETZ

Hello, how long did you all have off work following your LLETZ? Booked in for my second LLETZ on 12th Dec and provisionally booked 2 weeks off work, only because I work for police and scared I get knocked about, tripped over or have to run after someone. I'm mainly office based now but can get put back on the street anytime and I could be out for hours before getting to a toilet. All the equipment is heavy and body armour is tight on your tummy. I also work with all men too.

When I had my last LLETZ in 2008, I remember bleeding for about 8 days and had period type pain too. The consultant has mentioned it may take slightly longer to heal after my second LLETZ as he's having to take some more off where my old LLETZ scar tissue is.

Just that I read about so many people only having one day off work or two days at the most. Suppose it would be different if I was guarenteed to be sat at a desk most the shift with a toilet nearby.

Any opinions will be helpful. Thank you, Lucy x

Hey hun im due to be having lletz under ga this tuesday 25th im really scared not of the lletz just ga hopefully ill be able to give u advice after tuesday hun good luck xx

Hi Lesley

It will seem scary, especially if you've never had anything under GA before but I had LLETZ the first time under GA and it was fine. Really so much better than even just a colposcopy as you just go to sleep in a nice comfy bed and wake up and it's all done! Everyone is really nice and they talk you through every single step, you're not just taken to a room and put under, you get it all explained and they make you feel nice and relaxed :)

I hope that reassures you a bit, I hope it all goes well for you and hugs from me xx

Hi Lucy,

i knew I was prob cc after lletz so never went back! However is can't believe that people have gone back so quickly, I was wrecked! I also think I did too much too soon, leading to a haemorrhage and trip to a and e.

so I'd say better safe than sorry!

love, Molly xxx 

Hi Lucy!

I thought I'd be back the next day but needed two weeks off. I felt guilty because I'd read about all the people bouncing back to work the next day. I felt incredibly tired and there's no way I could cope with a demanding job. If you had the kind if job where you could have a gentle few days it would be different, but you don't! I tried on some police armour once - what a nightmare. I suggest you watch Christmas films on the sofa and be kind to yourself!

Of course, lots of people feel just fine the next day and you might too but I think you have quite a few good reasons to make sure you have planned some time off. Maybe you could warn them you may well need the time off and then see how you feel.

Kirsty xx

Ty for ur reassurance hunny im feelin bit better b pleased wen its over and done with 

I had Lletz just over three weeks ago, still feel wrecked and havent been back yet. I do a physical job, theres no chance of me "taking it easy"so it is best i keep off till i am OK. I have to go through a repeat of this again in a couple of months, and will be taking at least 2-3 weeks off. I am really surprised that people can get back so soon, but i guess we are all different.


take care X

Thank you for all your replies - I don't feel so bad now!! I've told work today I'm having 2 weeks off minimum and may be more if I don't heal properly. I have a male boss so I've not gone into too much details (which I think he's glad of!) and he's said just take all the time I need. I know on the NHS website it says the actual healing process is between 3-4 weeks so I will just play it by ear, see how I feel. That's for a LLETZ without the scar tissue healing too from my previous LLETZ.

Glad it's not just me that felt awful after mine forst time round - I felt all puffy and bloated for a few weeks like I was constantly on a heavy period. Shame you can't get a bath - it's the only thing I wanted at the time!!

What did everyone do in regards to a sick note? I'm worried the doctor will just tell me off for being a wimp and say I should be back at work. I need  anote if I'm going to be off for more than a week that's all.

Thanks for all your support ladies, I hope you're all feeling/doing well. Lots of blankets, films and hugs for us over the next few weeks :) Lucy xx

I would imagine with the physical aspect of your job, a doctor would be happy to give you a sicknote! You're doing the right thing by looking after yourself, I've read stories about people even going for a jog too soon and ended up bleeding way too much etc, and by too soon I mean even after 2 weeks.

Mine is in 9 days time under local, and I've only booked that day off work, but I work in a quiet office sitting down all day, plus I know I can take more time off if I need to luckily.

Best of luck with yours!

hiya jelly bean, I had my lletz today under local luckily im self employed so il see how I feel before working but if I was working at a 'normal' job id take a week minimum!! hope all goes well for you! xx

Jelly Bean, i went to the GP after a week as i wanted something to cope with the severe cramps. Not to alarm you as I had had my coil removed and also a womb biopsy as well and i think my body had had enough! Anyway she took one look at me and gave me a sick note for a month, so that wasnt a problem at all!

Thanks everyone. Ouch Suz - that sounds painful.  hope my GP is as understanding as yours and doesn't think I'm taking the mick - my job just want me to be fully healed before I go back.

Roll on 12th Dec, just want it over with!! x

either ask the Dr's at the hospital or your GP for the sick note.  they asked me what i needed on the note and I had 2 weeks, with the option of the GP to top it up if needed.

you are supposed to avoid heavy exercise and lifting whilst healing, as it can trigger bleeding, so you are totally doing the right thing.  health comes first! 

and if a  GP dares call you a wimp then see another one! (i doubt they ever would!) you have a tough job and thats a lot to handle after this procedure.  i struggled getting around on the tube, let alone chase a criminal! 

take care! xxx