Lletz Recovery time

I’m having the lletz procedure done under general anaethsetic on thursday. I was just wondering when i can go back to work. I work as a housekeeper in a hotel so i’m on my feet for hours and do a lot of physical work.

Hi I had a cone under GA on 31 October. I would say take a week off and then see how you feel. Also they may recommend no heavy lifting. Hope all goes well x 

Hi there

I also had my LLETZ under GA, on a Friday. I didnt really have any after-effects from the GA, maybe a little bit dizzy and quite tired over the weekend, but I'm talking minor stuff here.

I went back to work on the Monday, though I have to point out that I am a computer programmer, so not on my feet all day. In fact I can (and did) do my job with my feet up :-) I'd agree with Mistell, it's lifting stuff you have to watch. I did notice a few times when lifting things that I wouldn't even give any thought to normally that I could feel a 'pulling' sensation inside. I took this to mean that I wasnt doing the healing process any favours and stopped picking up anything weighty for a week or two. Apart from that, recovery was fine. I didnt even take any painkillers after a couple of days

Hope all goes well for you. At least with it being under GA, it really will be over before you know it :-)



I just wanted to add that I too was off pain killers after a couple of days but have experienced some cramps more recently but they were more mild. 

All the best x 

Thank you for all the advise. I'm planning to take friday off work, then hopefully be ok to go back to work after that.

sounds sensible to me! At least then you will have the weekend to relax before having to go back to work. Hope all goes wellx 

Thanks everyone i have felt fine today, I even went into work. I've had some mild cramping but thats it. Just wait for the results now. 

Aw that's good, glad it went ok x