This scare has caused bad health anxiety

Has anyone found after going through this experience, that you have developed a really bad anxiety for your health? My results after a cone biopsy were cin1 and high grade cgin. Treat with the biopsy and back in Feb for another check up. Even though I didn't have cancer, I find I'm absolutely convinced I have cancer somewhere. Every headache I get I think I've got a brain tumour, bloating and I've got ovarian cancer, even ear ache and I've got cancer in my ear. I work in a hospice and although on maternity at the minute I know I need to get this under control before I absolutely lose the plot. I always thought our family was relatively healthy, no cancer etc. But that's my dad's side. My mum's side seem riddled :( alot of cervical problems and hysyerectomies in the women generations and alot of other cancers too. All the waiting and worrying and over thinking has just turned me into a nervous wreck. Anyone felt similar ? How did you manage it? 

Hello Hettiee I feel much the same as you.  Prior to this I had always been quite proud of myself, im 50 next year and am really healthy, Eat sensibly, dont drink much, dont smoke and lots of exercise.  This has knocked me for six and I am at the moment really concerned it will come back and other associated health risks.  Not sure how I am managing it really just hoping for the best. i have started to take several supplments including AHCC as well as drinking green tea trying to help my immune system.  I am hoping with time it will fade but till I know the results of my 6 month check think it will stay with me then will just take time.  Hope you feel better soon.  Jenny xx

Hello, I'm sat drinking green tea! I totally understand why it is causing health anxieties I can feel them bubbling up too and have to repeatedly have a word with myself and am thinking is this going to be the new norm. I had LLETZ three days ago for expected CGIN and will get a letter in about four weeks. My Mum passed away 18 months ago from Leukaemia but prior to that she had successfully overcome ovarian cancer over four years. She was SO healthy and fit and positive. It's like you are doing all you should so how can cells still go wrong?!

When the abnormal letter arrived I had a reaction unlike any reaction I would normally expect from myself, I'm really calm and collected...usually! I just cried on and off for a day, a night and then half the next one....and a few weeps since.  I realise it is because I am scared of being ill but I didn't know just how scared till the letter.  I looked after Mum and she's always looked after me. I've only just started to get things sorted and feeling excited about new opportunities, dates, new job possibilities. I had started looking into sperm donation too (I'm 39, single and no kids). I was meant to be married with 4 kids by 32, living on a farm...with Rufus Sewell ideally or so I imagined!  

I've started doing a mindfulness app again which helped me through Mum's illness. I walk too. That's my families' answer for anything, walk off dinner, walk off heartache, walk off anger and now I am walking off anxiety. I intend to keep busy, decorate...anywhere! and just try hard to be positive and not let the worries take over but I know it is easier said than done. Hopefully others will give some more ideas, I know I'd like some! xx

I have suffered with health anxiety for years now,but this has definitely made it worse! I would be grateful for any coping techniques too!

I am in the same boat with health anxiety and much like you, I feel as though every little weird thing is cancer. I had a LEEP back in December and have not felt nomal since. I went for a follow up this past week and was blindsided by a tidalwave of anxiety. I am with you and would love any ideas of coping methods as this interferes with my day to day life. I am glad that I am not alone, but an sad to see we are having to go through this. Sending <3 to everyone! 

Hi Hettie123 

Your post is exactly how I feel! I was diagnosed with cin 1 and low grade cgin in November 2012. Since then I've had 6 monthly colposcopy and smears. 

This ordeal sparked horrendous health anxiety and 5 years on I've diagnosed myself several times with cervical cancer. Convinced they must something even though I had clear margins and all smears have been normal since. Except 1 in Feb 15 which was borderline squamous but HPV negative.  

In terms of health anxiety issues have had myself having brain tumours, skin cancer, sarcoma liver cancer and the list goes on. My kids have been the subject of various Dr's apps due to my anxiety and my husband too! Much to his disgust. 

I've just found out I'm pregnant and anxiety has risen again. Worried pregnancy will make the cells come back. Consultant doesn't feel that is likely.  

I've had counselling and hypnotherapy which all work for a short time until something triggers it again.

It's a vicious circle xxx