Scared and anxious

Hi ladies. 

so much going through my head right now. My colposcopy undee a month ago was clear- no abnormality could be seen. So the news yesterday that the smear had in fact picked up cancer has floored me. The fact that nothing could b seen on examination makes me think it must b hiding up in the cervical canal? And there could in fact be a massive tumour up there that has been missed. 

I can't sleep, I can't eat, and I just feel sick. 

Im 100% convinced my MRI is going to show major progression and I can't stop thinking like that. 

Hi. I'm sorry for your diagnosis. doubtful that 8 have a massive tumour and even if there is, it should be treatable.  Mine was just under 7cm and the treatment did it's job and was pretty kind to me. 

I've no tips for stopping the worry but just be reassured that it's been picked up and you're on your way to recovery 

Hi nemo, I was diagnosed the 5th May and i was the same, i couldnt eat, couldnt sleep, felt like I had this lump in my throat and couldn't swallow.I just cried all the time.

I asked my doctor when I got my colposcopy I'f he thought it was cancer and he said he couldn't see anything sinister so to get cancer diagnosis was a real shock.

I've had my ct and Mri scans done and I was convinced something bad was going to show up, I was petrified! I convinced myself every niggle I had was the cancer spread. 

So today I phoned to nag them for the results and the nurse said they were just discussing my case and she was away to call me! Good news scans showed no spread, It was about an hour ago i called and I'm still crying. I'm happy but scared at the same time.

Im praying that your results are ok and you can get a treatment plan in place. 


Hi Nemo,

i found out I had cervical cancer a few weeks ago and until you get the results of your scans it is the worst and most scariest time. I had the same fears that I was going to be riddled with it. I have adenocarcinoma which is the glandular cancer, as you say, up the canal! At the colposcopay I was told it did not look cancerous and then I was called back a week later and told they'd found cancer.

im stage 1b. They thought I would be before my scans and the scans confirmed they were absolutely bang on. So if they have said anything to you about your staging then they're most likely to be right. My tumour was apparently about the size of your fingernail. Take comfort in that cervical cancer is slow growing and if he/she couldn't see anything on the colposcopy these are good things, in a terrible situation. 


Its a horrible le waiting game, but the best advice my husband gave me was let's not worry until they give us something to worry about. Easier said than done, but try and keep positive.


good luck.


Oh and congratulations to Debz, glad about your result. X

Hi nemo 

what a mess this is.... this waiting period really and trully does a mess to your mental state. I was totally the same in thinking I was doomed. 


i am certain you are NOT riddled with a massive tumour and the fact that they didn't clearly see something is only one indication of such. If your tumour was so big you would defiantly be feeling pain as it would be forcing the cervix outward(like a dilation type feeling). I'm am certain you will find out that it's not a huge tumour. 

I'm also sorry this is your second time dealing with cancer. I honestly would push for chemorad over surgury even if they suggest hysterectomy. 

Please stay strong, sending you the biggest of hugs. 

Hi ladies thanks for all your comments, it really does make a difference. 

Lolli, can I ask why you think I should opt for chemo/rads over surgery?

im pretty lucky in that I've requested the same surgeon who removed my VAIN both times- and got him- he's very well known in his field and meant to b the best! I have 100% faith in him. 

but it's good to hear other views On treatment?



Hi nemo

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