The wait…

I had my lletz (severe changes and HPV) and biopsy 4 weeks ago today, she told me I’d receive a letter in 3-4 weeks with results but nothing as yet…

I understand they’re busy but it’s killing me, feel like I’m stalking the poor postman and it’s always on my mind. I did ring and they told me the histology came back a few weeks ago but is sat waiting for the consultant to view it.
I’m also still bleeding on and off which I’ve convinced myself is because there is something else there.

I know there are people in far worse situations but I’m just feeling frustrated at the thought of another weekend of worrying x

I rang after 4 weeks and the secretary was able to say my results had been read and although she couldn’t give me the results I don’t need to worry. 2 weeks later I still haven’t received a letter and share your frustrations- we just want a diagnosis don’t we. I bled for nearly 5 weeks but it has now stopped which is reassuring. When I checked my lletz procedure booklet it did say 4-6 weeks is normal for bleeding. I just wish they would write with my results now. Hope you get some information soon

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Hi Ladies
I’d try calling again as i found they didn’t ring me and it won’t hurt to keep reminding them you are still waiting

Hope you get a answer soon


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Thank you. How long did you wait before calling and did they give you results over the phone? I hope it was the results you were hoping for ? Xx

I’m glad they’ve told you it’s nothing to worry about, hopefully you’ll get a letter soon :crossed_fingers:

That’s reassuring about the bleeding too x

Hi Emsyb

I phoned my CSN after nearly 3 weeks and left a message and she called back after a couple of hours and told me the results of my pet-ct scan. Which was good news the cancer hadn’t spread outside of the cervix.
Hope you get some good news soon

Liggy x

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Hello, I had a colposcopy on Thursday. The nurse said my cervix looked normal but the area underneath looked irritated so she took a biopsy. She showed me the pictures and it looked like it had red dots on it. She said she would call me in two weeks with the results and about treatment options. This is making me think it’s cancer as even this website says they only call you if they suspect you have cancer. I am sick with worry…

It’s such a worrying time isn’t it. I think from posts I’ve read on here though different hospitals seem to do things differently but they all seem to be very honest and if they thought they could see cancer I think they would have said. She said to me, I can’t see any cancer but it can be inside so did two biopsy’s and said I should hear within 3-4 weeks.
The wait is just so horrible isn’t it. I will keep everything crossed for you x

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That’s great to hear it hasn’t spread. Sending you love and hoping things go as smoothly as possible. I will call on Monday and see what they say.
How did you get your initial diagnosis if you don’t mind me asking please and how long did you wait? X

Hi I had some postmenopausal bleeding and had a smear which came back abnormal cells followed by biopsies and mri and a pet-ct scan altogether it has take about 6 weeks or so. Now waiting for treatment plan