The monster is back ;-(

Hi ,im just wondring if some ladies out there is the same as my situation.

Im 6months post treatment,i have clear results as well with my last check up dec 5,but before that mid nov im experiencing high grade fever everyday,yes everyday,i mentioned it to the oncologist and told them about the fever and they said it might be the hot flashes so the gave me schedule to see OB again for HRT.but im getting weak each day .dec 21 i decided to go to a private doctor he knows my history and he said it might be still the effect of my treatment before thats why im having a low immune system,i insist for a blood test we found out im severe anemic we thought thats why im having fever but after a week i went again to private dr they checked my urine and found out again i have bladder infection they gave me antibiotics and we thought that its also causing the fever,but still im getting weak each day after a week i went back to my private dr he suggested blood transfusion already but since i want to go back home to philippines to relax i said i want to do the blood transfusion there.i left Hongkong monday jan 28 from airport i went straight to the hospital got admitted for blood transfussion and my dr refer an oncologist they want to know where the fever is coming from,nxt day tue i met the oncologist she told me that about my fever they have what you called tumor fever i might be clear with my cervix but i have tumor somewhere else so she i will do ct scan ,nxt day wed i did ct scan thur the result came out i have tumors in my para aortic area and lower right lungs!! I cried maybe half a dayits sad... but after realizing that even i cry the whole day nothing will change with the result instead im preparing my self for the treatment again will prepare my body to be healthy to face the battle again...i dnt care if i loose my hair what matter is i will be better again and kick this monster again out of my body.Tom i will start again like the first time i was diagnosed....waiting time for the schedule to meet the dr...

Thanks for reading....

Wish me luck ang Goodluck to all the ladies whos still fighting...we can do this.

Oh my goodness I really feel for you you must be gutted to say the least!! I admire your strength though & being so positive like so many of the ladies on here…you are all heroes to me & I look up to you all with respect as I am really just at the start of this long bumpy path ahead…
Thinking of you…
Love Karen xxx

Hi Karen,

         Thats the only thing we can do be postive and have strength to face all of this no matter what....miracles happens everyday.

           Goodluck on your treatment,dnt worry its doable but of course there are days you will feel not so good but you can overcome it.just eat alot it might be hard but it will help you.

Goodluvk to us!!



I am so sorry to hear your news. I understand how you are feeling as I received the same news in May of last year.

I started palliative chemo in June 2012 and in Jan 13 had good news with my scan. Although I cannot be now cured cancer has at the moment gone from my lymph nodes. I had involvement in my para aorta, pelvis and chest. I also have cancer in my spine and shoulder and although they did not specifically look at my bones for this scan they did not comment on them as they had before. I am hopefully that the healing that had shown on previous scans has continued. I am now in the wait and watch category. I was enlisted on a trial but do not take any trial drugs as they were too strong for me. As a result I get scanned every 2 months.

My consultant has some ladies who are 1 year post chemo who have still not got any further growth so I am hoping to also be one of these ladies!

Good luck with your treatment, your attitude will certainly help. I am a true believer that being positive does help. Please feel free to message me and if I can help in anyway then I will.

Lou x

Hi I know how awful a recurrance can be I had a mine after nearly five years around my ovary and bladder that was nearly 2 years ago, the treatment was hard but doable you are positive and I truly believe that helped me, every day is a blessing! I am on close scan watch too, my treatment had good results just showing scar tissue, when I was first diagnosed with recurrance I never thought I would come this far, try to stay positive and release your emotions, some days I cried, shouted and laughed it seemed all at the same time x

All the best with your treatment you will feel better when it gets started as its a step closer to beating it x


Hi lou and debbie,

            Hope you can share to me about the treatment,is it hard? doable? do u vomit a lot? wanna prepare my self for the treatment, though i know the side effects is different in every person.will meet the oncologist on the 14th maybe to talk about the treatment or to checked me again since i did the scan in the philippines.

           Thanks for sharing your stories ladies you gave me reason to be more postive...

Goodluck to us!


just wanted to send tou a big hug and wish you well.  Stay as strong and as positive as you have been up to this point!

 I bought a book called "The Cancer Journey  - Positive steps to help yourself heal" when I was first diagnosed.  Its an interesting and positive read and gives varied info concerning self help and diet.  Apparently cancer is less likely to thrive in an alkaline environment so it lists the best foods to eat to achieve this etc, even has some recipes. During treatment I just found I wanted to eat starchy food, carbohydrates etc but want to make some changes now for the never know!! It also explores other "self help" techniques and you can take as much or as little from it as you like. 

I wish you well and please let us know how you re getting on wont you as we are all behind you?


Hi hun,

Have only just seen your post and so hadn't replied sooner. I am truly sorry that you have had this news, but as Lou said, you have to keep fighting. I'll be thinking of you...

Ceri xx

Hiya, I updated on the forum during my treatment and after I was re diagnosed on the old forum. If you search under the old forum for Recurrence, Chemo and CIRCCa trial you can read a bit about it there.

The treatment was much tougher than the chemorad I had in 2010 and I did have really low white blood cells which meant I was admitted into hospital a few times with infections.
The first week after chemo left me exhausted and sore due to chemo side effects but just as I was feeling that was enough I was back on the up! It is doable but it is hard too.
I got through by thinking if it was making me feel that bad what was it doing to the cancer! You can do it too!
You will fantastic support on here.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have if you too go down the chemo route so please feel free to PM me.

Good luck will thinking of you x

Thanks Lou,My chemo sched will start on March 1,they said i need to stay at the hospital overnight,will u feel anything while having 2 kinds of chemo drug im agraid that i can feel something when it comes to my veins already.i had my check up yesterday and the used the word to control...does it mean its not curable? whats the diff of the word treatable? sorry for lots of question im afraid of having chemo again but im ready to face it.

Thanks a lot !! 

wish to hear from u again...Smile


Hi Ceri! I missed you! thanks for reading my new battle Cry.