The cold cap or not???...

Hi all

My treatment starts 9th Dec, at the moment my worrying is focused around my hair ( never realised how much I worry til the last 12 months - about anything and everything)

Anyway, just wondered If anyone had experience of using it - I normally wash my hair everyday and style it ie hair straighteners etc. Will only be able to wash I twice a week, can't colour hair either so will be grey very soon too. 

I know this May seem really trivial in the grand scheme of things.

So I guess what I'm really saying is do I embrace the hats wigs and scarfs or have a go & persevere.

My dr has said chemo will be ongoing so once I make my decision, no going back...

Anyone had same worries as me on this one.


Hi hun, sorry you are having to make this decision, big hugs. My sister had the cold cap for breast cancer, she lost her hair at the front but kept the rest. She said if she had to do it all again she would not of had it cos it was painful and like constant brain freeze. Good luck in whatever you choose xxx

Hello Clarabelle - I lost my hair to the chemo and I can honestly say that by that stage it didn't bother me.  So much was going on in my head that my hair came way down the list of things to worry about. Until that point, I too had washed my hair every day, using straightners & having it coloured every 6 weeks or so to keep the greys away! Anyone who knew me thought it would be an issue for me but in the end, it didn't bother me.  I actually found it very liberating -NOT having to wash & style my hair evey day! I had a range of hats & scarves which I wore around the house and I had an amazing wig from the Macmillan team based at my treating hospital.  It was fabulous - I felt such a boost when I wore it, keeping it for when I left the house to go out etc. I had no qualms wearing it, it was so good you would have struggled to realize it was a wig - so many people were amazed when I said ' 'do you like my new hair'' they loved it too.  That gave me a boost during chemo, that I could go out and look normal - or better than normal as it was certainly nicer than my own hair had been!  Plus, it was the winter for most of the time and if it was too windy, I had some really nice hats which are always fashionable and nobody batted an eyelid as so many people were wearing hats anyway!

I don't know if you are going to lose your hair with your treatment or if the cold cap will prevent it.  I've seen ladies whose hair went really thin and if that had happened me I would have shaved it all off as I don't like that appearance because i think it would have drawn attention to me too much. Once I saw mine was falling out - I took the bull by the horns anyway & shaved it off - I definitely couldn't have gone with the wispy look.  All or nothing.  It was the right decision for me. I think you will come to make your own mind up when things start to happen, so the decision may not be so difficult at that point.  Trying to decide now might be too ?soon?

I wish you well in your treatment, God Bless


Hi Clarabelle,

I haven't lost my hair so not as qualified to give you an answer as Kerry or Sharon, but I have spent lots of time considering the options. There are some incredibly good wigs available these days; very realistic and very stylish with it. I had a friend with breast cancer and, being a flamboyant character, she wore a blue tinsel wig! I think if I had to go that route I'd probably be a scarves and turbans kind of a girl. I have, however, stopped colouring my hair and find the grey much more acceptable than I ever thought I would - quite distinguished :-)

Wishing you the best of luck with your treatment.