The gloves are on!

Hi Ladies,

I start my treatment if chemo/radiation tomorrow and despite recent posts saying it's not too bad. I'm truly petrified.

I'm scared of the unknown, scared of the possible side effects and absolutely terrified it won't work. Can't seem to switch off the brain so I can sleep this evening.

Will keep you all updated on my progress.

Rachel x

Hi Rach,

Listen, you've got this, ok? In a few weeks when your treatment has finished you'll re read this post & wonder why you got in such a state. Come on, positive thinking hunni bunni, IT WILL WORK!

Good luck,

Clare xxx

I won't lie to you each and every person is diffrent in how they react to the treatment. I haven't been too bad to be honest with you which I am very suprised at!

When I first stated I was throwing up a lot which is one of the possible side effects and was hospitalised on a number of occasions because of infections but since the infections have been sorted (I had to have stents put into my kidneys as the cancer was blocking the tubes and causing the waste to back up)....It is important that you take your anti sickness tablets as they are a god send! You get given them after each session, I do anyway. I also started to get pins and needles in my hand, fingers, feet and toes and it was incredibly painful but I told the nurses and they amended my chemo and I don't get it anymore.

When my hair (all over) fell out especially on my head - I had long thick hair that went half way down my back - started to come out which was after my first treatment I cried and cried as it was a shock and it was horrible as this is when it really hits you but you get use to it and not having to but shampoo is ace! If you do decide to wear a wig then you can as they look so real now, you may have to pay for it as the nhs don't offer them free of charge, there is also scarfs and hats (i wear one) which are a lot more comfortable, in my opinion anyway.  You will also go through a lot of emotions and a lot of tears but this is all normal.

I also suffer with extreme tiredness all the time I sleep for 12+hours at night and sometimes sleep in he day so it is very important that you make sure that you give yourself time to rest.

One major piece of advice I can give you: I have always been independent I live on my own I work 50+ hours a week and I never asked for help with anything - this has now gone out the window, I am singed off work but work are brilliant and still paying me my full wage and have done for the last 6 months, I have yo have my mum come and help me with my cleaning, my sister has to help me a lot with stuff and I now have to do my food shopping online. The reason being is that the treatment will kick you down but you will know in your heart that it is working - I did and I have recently had this confirmed.

Don't try to push yourself as you will make yourself more poorly use this time to rest and be treated like a queen and let your friends and family help you as you are going on a very tough ride and it is extremely lonley dispite how many people you have around you and alway always always think positive always even when your having a down day. You have cancer cancer does not have you!

Good luck with your journey x


Thank you both. It's great to know that whether you are feeling happy, sad or if you don't really know there are some amazing women always ready to help. 

The good news is that sleep finally came my way and I slept through to the alarm. Brilliant!! Bad news is I'm panicking again now. Carmel 121 what chemo did you have? I've been told I won't lose my hair and the prospect that I might is freaking me out!! Stupid really, but it's long and I love it. I know it'll grow back but i don't want to lose it in the first place.

My boxing gloves are on and I'm gonna show cancer it's picked on the wrong person this time!!

Will keep you updated.

Huge thanks again.

Rachel xx

i can't give advice on this but thinking of you today Rach just think every treatment you have is one closer to finishing. You will be fine you are a strong lady I can tell. 

Big hugs and let us know how are you are later xx ps just said a little prayer for you xxx

Hi Rachel,

I think Carmel is a very unusual case. I think you are going to have Cisplatin which is what I had and I still have huge hair. (unusual for a toad I know)
Do take the anti-sickness pills, Do rest whenever you feel like it, and if you feel good and up for some fun then go for it :-)

Be lucky :-)

Edited to add that I have just read Carmel's other post and yes, she is an unusual case. Her cancer is advanced and I imagine that her chemo was quite a different recipe from the one you will receive.

Thanks Sarah that's really very kind if you.

Tivoli, thank you. I too read Carmel's other post after responding to her post on here and had come to a similar conclusion. 

I really do appreciate the support given on here, there are no words to describe how grateful I am.

All plugged in. 1st chemo (well hydration fluid anyway!) underway.



mandy(lady stressing over medical students)

I have chemo(breast)and radiotherapy(non hodgkins)but not any for cervical(treatment)

If can help withanything??

I remember first day chemo they/nurses brought a bucket out(this is to warm your veins))and to be honest i thought it was there in case i had an accident(poo)or sick because of drugs,it relly freaked me out,nurse could have explained what this bucket was for instead of just just leaving at my feet and walking out the room(good grief drugs that bad not gonna make it to the toilet)It is scary cause you do not know how you are gonna react to the drugs.The nurses were nice,you tend to get involved in their lives ,you are there most of the day,and if you look round the room everyone is dealing with it(chemo)the same as you.I am sure once this first time is over,you will be ok(at the end of my chemo,had 6 mths,drugs made me fall asleep so they/nurses just left me in the chair till the end of the day .home time,then woke me up,really sweet of them,)  

hi ,just read post ,see piece of cake,mandy(recovering after operation) 

Hi Rach

I had a more or less identical diagnosis to you. Stage 2b with lymph node involvement. Sounds like you are having the same treatment as I had. Cisplatin every Monday for 5 weeks. I also had 28 radiotherapy and 3 brachytherapy. I was just like you, dreading it. Worrying about side effects and how I would cope. it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. It was tiring, a couple of weeks in I did have a bit ofnausea and some cystitis and diarrhoea, but i took the Imodium, and anti-sickness and soon felt better. I also can't emphasise enough....drink lots and lots of water. I was never without a bottle and I believe it really helped deal with side my skin has never been so clear and nails so long!!!

Good luck, you will get through it, come out the other end and reflect on how well you coped. I am 3 months down the road and just had my all does work. 

Lots of love xx

Big hugs been thinking of you. Hope you are feeling ok and make sure you rest and be kind to yourself today no doing any jobs. Xxxx

Hi could someone explain what 3 brachyherapy is?(LLetz,recovering after op,waiting for results,previous CIN,and GNIN,high,hpv vius)

thanks (previous breast cancer /3 years treatment,chemo,major surgery,2013/2015 radiotherapy(non hodgekins)previously.not had a break for 4 years now)

Hi brachytherapy is internal radiotherapy. I think each hospital does this differently, I had three sessions on separate days. X

Hi wonthurtabit :-)

I think you need to take things one step at a time. As far as I can tell you have not received a cancer diagnosis, in which case all of the treatments we are discussing on this thread won't apply to you.

Be lucky :-)

Hi,awaiting results,had cancer twice already(breast,lypm),just like to be prepared i guess(again)thanks mandy,also chemo and radiotherapy treatments in past so thought just say hello to rach and wish her well with treatment 

hi,wow sounds uncomfortable,thanks for explaining,mandy

Rach hope you're doing ok?

Any date yet Sarah? Xx

No date :( I am ringing daily (I rang twice today i joked with the lady and said I was her friendly stalker!). So fed up of waiting I get the feeling my consultant is slow at sorting things probably because he is so busy. Hope you are still recovering well Frankelsangel xxxx

Hopefully you'll hear soon & the date is soon


Im doing great thanks, a bit tired but I can deal with that! 

Clare xxx

Thanks Clare yes really hope too. 

Great you are feeling well and try and get plenty of sleep and rest hopefully your energy will return soon. Xxx

I'm home, day one down!!!

Not nearly as bad as I'd imagined. Everyone (staff and patients) were lovely. Definitely drink lots and lots to flush the toxins out of you kidneys. Be prepared to pee lots!!!!