ridiculous question lol for those who have lost their hair :)

HI everyone, hope you are all enjoying the build up to Xmas. 

I lost my hair in July following chemotherapy and I'm considering if I'm confident enough to go on my Christmas night out with my wig on?

The wig is great but I think because I know I'm paranoid and worried in a crowded pub it gets pulled at and comes ofoff lol!! In the past when I've worn it I've secured it with a wee head band but I just don't know if I have the bottle to get all dolled up with it. 99% of the time I wear a scarf as it's what I'm most comfortable with.

any experience and tips would be much appreciated? I'd love to go out and feel 27 and shake off the cobwebs of an absolutely rubbish year but I just don't know :/ help!! 


Charlene xx

Hi Hun, I didn't have to experience chemo and side effects however I just want to say you go out however you feel comfortable. You deserve to enjoy an evening out after all you've been through. I know how you feel about the paranoia because I'm suffering with my bowels through RT treatment and have bouts of diarrhoea but I've decided to go out next Fri with work colleagues and I'm now looking forward to it. Hope you decide to go out. Love lea x

Hello both :-)

My experience is closer to Lea's than to yours Charlene in that I have done a social gathering with post radiotherapy trots. Only one person knew I was affected in this way and only one person said "making a sudden dash to the loo are we?" Same guy. Twit! I don't bother speaking with him these days. Charlene, if you're most comfortable with your scarf why don't you stick with it? (Festive tinsel wig? - sorry, just a little fetish of mine ;-)

Have great tmes both of you!



Hi Charlene Hunni lea is right you should do what ever makes you comfortable l! I bet you look beautiful with or without so maybe just see on the day how you feel?! You defintley deserve a good night out after everything you have been through! I'm 28 and I no this whole cancer proces had made me feel 98! The tiredness the aches and pains worry stress but my friends took me on a night out and I had a ball and it was great to feel like me again :-D so basically what am saying is go have fun whether that's with a wig or without because you so deserve it xx

Thanks guys I think I am going to brave it just with my scarf as it's the wig that actually makes me uncomfortable anyone who is uncomfortable with the scarf can do one!!! You know what women are like at times no matter what age you are there is always a pssst pssst gossip gossip from someone. Xxx