Hair, beauty and treatment

Hi everyone!

Still no treatment plan but pet scan later today so hopefully they don't find anything that changes my stage. The MRI didn't show any lymph node involvement but I know that this scan is more in-depth so I am holding my breath...

I have already told with stage 2b it will be Chemorads so for now I am just preparing for what seems the most common. Combinations starting January I expect.

My question is very trivial really in the scheme of things but right now I am trying to focus on things I actually have control of wink so I usually dye my own hair (currently blonde) but I have roots for days and I fancy a treat (and also read after treatment getting my hair  (if I have any left?)  done by a professional will probably be best.  I was just wondering if firstly it's ok to get your hair dyed before treatment (I know it's a stupid question probably!!) and also then what about after?? Same will nails (extensions of just gel overlays) and also getting eyebrows and lashes tinted etc?

I am not vain or anything btw and I am not very good with upkeep usually haha I just want to perk myself up for Christmas :) 

As a side note - if any of you have got this far - I just want to say that I don't always post or reply but I am here loitering in the background. I read all your stories and even some dating wayyy back. I am routing for each and every one of you and if anyone needs a buddy or just a vent I am here <3 

Kel xx


Not a stupid question at all. You can definitely get your hair and lashes done, I would check with your team about your nails though, here in the Netherlands you are supposed to take off your nail polish when going under anesthesia,  but just check, you might be just fine.



Hi Rubyshoes,

I can't answer your questions on hair and nails with treatment as I've no idea but I think anything you do to make yourself feel good has to be a good thing. I've splurged on some new makeup and other bits so I can feel as good as possible mentally. 
If you are having the chemorads and the chemo drug is Cisplatin then I was told it was unlikely to make you lose your hair. The Doctor said they were only telling me about it as a potential side effect as one lady got a couple of bald patches. 
The PET scan is such a weird one. I had to avoid my little boy for 8 hours afterwards as you are still radioactive but there was no where to go as it was during the recent lockdown so was a great opportunity to just relax and watch tv hidden away, which I never normally get to do ? 
Likewise I'm rooting for you and hopefully the scan shows everything is as they expect. Will good to be have someone supportive during our treatment xxx


 I'm an au naturel sort so can't really offer any advice about nail and hair treatments.  However, in terms of self care I decided to get ahead of the game and started moisturising the skin in my pelvic area before my chemo-radio treatment started; you might already be aware that radiotherapy can cause skin to become sore. On advice from my radiography dept. I used Aveeno to moisturise.


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Hi Kel,

I'm no expert on these things either but I was told not to have my hair dyed during chemo as the end colour can come out very different to what it normally would. Also they do say not to have any beauty treatments like waxing done as your immune system is very low during treament and they worry about infection. I always have shellac nails done but decided against this during treatment. If for any reason you need to wear the little finger clip to check oxygen saturation levels I believe the result would not be as accurate with polish on. I did have my hair dyed, eyebrows/lashes waxed and dyed just before my treatment started. This definitely made me feel better. If your chemo is cisplatin, it is highly unlikely you would lose your hair. I also treated myself to pureology strength cure shampoo and conditioner, no chemicals, sulfates etc. I also used the shampoo as a body wash, I felt with all the chemicals that were going into my body I didn't want to put them on the outside too. Best of luck with treatment.

x Maria

I don't know but I do know you're not vain and it's not a stupid question!

Like you say your grooming is one thing you can still feel you can control and it's more than vanity, it's part of your identity, it's how you express who you are. I totally get it.

I'm due in hosptial on 30th Dec for a hysterectomy so I have to be distancing very carefully till then and will have to isolate from 27th when I have my COVID test. Before I got my date I booked myself a hair appointment to have a cut and blow dry on Christmas Eve. My hair hasn't been cut since Sept when I had it done before my stepdaughter's wedding, and it was due end Oct, but I was in hospital for another LLETZ under general anaesthetic and then of course in November we had another lockdown so I couldn't get an appointment. It's dreadful now and I feel rubbish. I was quite worried about getting it cut on Christmas eve but I am going to because it will make me feel better, the salon has really stringent measures in place, they scrub everything and wear masks and I will wear a mask with extra interfacing in, wash my face as well as my hands on my return home and cross everything. But it's really important - it will help me feel more in control like you said, it will help me retain some dignity which is pretty fragile right now. It's not frivolous, it's not vanity, it's really important. It's a vital part of your self care.

So whether you get your hair done or not, and your nails don't apologise! Like the crappy advert says, you're worth it!