That time of year again

Not sure I am even looking for a reply just want somewhere to vent :-) So I have just booked a private smear because I just cant wait for three years for one on the NHS. Apparently if my third lletz had been done a couple of months earlier I would have had a smear every year for ten years but because of cuts I have been put back on to three yearly smears. I am just worried  having three lots of cin3 removed in such a short time frame. On the positive side no symptoms, sure all will be fine but I cant help but think about it.

Hey, I'm going to do exactly the same. Iv only had the 1 lletz, that was just over a year ago now. Yet I don't think we should have to wait 3 years at all. We've obviously got the high risk hpv so how can they justify leaving it to brew over 3 years baffles me. Iv read so Many story's on here alone of women who have had cancer appear within 6 months. The fact that my "test of cure" smear was normal, that doesn't mean to say that however many weeks later the hpv became active again and ...... I'm going to have a private smear in sept so that will make it 1 year since my last smear but 18'months from the lletz. But then you get to the situation where if it's abnormal and you have more and more lletz over the years then eventually youve shortened your cervix that much that the next step is either radical hyst or full hyst. Im 27, no children, so I kinda need that cervix to stay where it is lol. But can't shake the fact it might be back and getting worse so I'm def going for my smear in sept and treating it as necessary. So I'm with you on this. Looks like we can't win either way, so best to be on top of it ourselves xxx

Hi Debs,

Just wanted to say I totally hear you on this one. Expecting women who've had treatment more than once to just go back on to routine 3 yearly screening is total madness in my opinion. It's sensible of course to get a smear at this time - for peace of mind as mind as much as anything - but it grates that it has to be done privately. The changes are apparently to do with the HPV testing they do now, but let's face it, it saves them money not testing every year. I think when CIN has needed more than more treatment they should keep a closer eye.

Anyway, I wish you all the very best for your smear. Fingers crossed you get a clear result again.

Take care x

Thanks for the replies. Yes I definitely think private if you can stretch to the costs are worth it when multiple treatments or scares have occurred in the past. I hadn't realised that the change in HPV testing had brought about the change in protocol, which now makes sense to me. Thanks peeps and best of luck to you xxx