HPV positive but returned to 3 year recall -help

I've had lletz for cin3 and now although i don't have abnormal cells I still have hpv and have been put back to 3 yearly smears again . I feel terrified :-/ 

Anyone in same position or had experience of this??  Im considering private smear testing yearly but I have no idea of the cost of this or whether it's necessary arrrggh :-/ 

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Hi, as far as I am aware, if you are ever worried and want a smear test, your doctor will not refuse one even if it was only a year you had one.  That is the rule in my surgery so hopefully that is the norm.  Although I think if you just have HPV and not abnormal cells then it can clear up on its own without treatment it is just the abnormal cells that wont, but you have had those removed, hence why they have put you back to 3 yearly.  If you are ever worried though definetly book another smear.


That's interesting because I thought they had the strictly ahere to the screening pathyway or the test woud not be processed . Ok must try and get in with gp

for a chat as a smear in 6-12 months would make me feel happier!


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Morning Primrose,

Usually if you have HPV present after Lletz you would usually be asked back for a colposcopy. Have you had any explanation as to why you have not been? 

I don't know if anyone can advise but I'm new to this page and can't figure out how to ask a question lol so sorry to all ladies out there going threw many different scenarios but I have had smears regualary since I was 19 I'm now 26, always had borderline changes but from 2011 have had two normal smears one in 2011, fell pregnant with my first in 2012, hady lovely little girl in 2013 had a smear September 2013 which was normal now got recalled sept 2014 two weeks ago I got my results high grade I'm appealed they leave women three years I'm also petrified and have to go wed this week to have treatment local anaesthetic and some sort of later treatment then have to wait two weeks for the result the colposcopist was vile spoke to me like she was a computer was not gentle when I went and couldn't even sit down the next day I went last week and got treatment offered straight away but I was so scared I said I would go back on Wednesday they never explained anything I'm not sure what to do and I'm petrified I could have cancer any help or info or advice would really help right now thanks :) sorry if anything is not spelt right or makes sence I'm on my phone so can't really see what's being wrote xxx


Hi everyone, I'm also new to this forum and I'm in the position as having a negative smear after treatment and a follow up colposcopy but with still the HPV virus and I'm terrified as I'm now on the 3 year re call. I also have bleeding after sex sometimes due to a condition which means it will be diffcuilt for me to understand if the bleeding is a warming sign or part of the condition. I have asked for a smear to be coducted yearly and the hosital were I was treated have refused it and my GP say's he can't allow this without approval.


I can understand your worries about being put on 3 year recall. They've changed the way they do screening to include HPV test results.

I'd suggest checking whether the results letter is saying high risk HPV. There are different categories, high and low, with the high risk changes the ones that are most linked to cervical abnormalities and CC. If it says low risk, then yes they are following the 3 year recall (worrying in my opinon). If it says high risk, you should go back to colposcopy so go to your GP and ask them to flag it up/refer you back.

All the best.

I asked the consultant at my hospitalabout high/low risk hpv and his response was that they only test for high risk hpv .  

from what I've read on the screening website, it's the standard pathway for people to be put back to 3 year screening if they are hpv+ and have had mormal  'test of cure' colposcopy following treatment for abnorman cells even if they remain hpv+.

There is absolutely no way I can live Hpv+ waiting for 3 years for another smear. I'm looking into private smear testing but can't find any prices anywhere. I want 6 monthly checks until my body shakes off hpv . 


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Hi Primrose,

I totally understand why you want to keep having smears. Personally I don't think the way they manage women post treatment now is good. Previosuly it was annual smear for 10 years which I think is much better. 3 years is a long time to waot for a smear in my opinion.

When I looked into private smears I found the Marie Stopes clinics do private smears. There are a number of clinics around the country. Current price is £89 for basic smear or £185 for smear with HPV testing. There are other places too, but I think this was this cheapest I could find with the HPV test option. One London clinic quoted almost £500!

I wish you all the best and hope your next result shows the HPV has gone.

Hi Primrose / Twilight12

I've just heard that I have lost my second appeal for a yearly smear via the NHS. I will now be looking at the cost of private smears. Thank you Twilight for the infomration.

I wish you both well and I hope too that you have a negative HPV test on the next smear Primrose.

Hello, I'm new to this forum *waves* I've just posted my first thread about being fed up too.

Sorry to say this but even if you've had a history they won't give you a smear on the NHS until you're due for one, even with symptoms. This a battle I've had. I had CIN 3 removed in 2008 with LETZ and tested positive for HPV. I then had clear smears from 2009-2011. Last year I had all my symptoms again including bleeding and lower ab pain. I went to go see the GP 3 times in total over the last 18 months and each time was told to wait until my scheduled smearwhich was this month. Sure enough, there was something there and the nurse could't take a smear so I'm referred to for a colposcopy. I decided to pay for a private appoinment and examination with BUPA that cost £255, however it was worth the money 10 times over as the specialist found a tumour and also tested me for HPV and did a smear too. I'm still HPV+ and awaiting a full colposcopy from the NHS. Very frustrated but here's one thing - I will always make sure I go for annual smears private and pay for them. Think with BUPA they are £165 with a HPV test too. So suppose you're like me, just sitting tight waiting to hear from the NHS and wondering what the hell is going on.

Wishing you well and I'd defo recommend private - I wish so much I'd have done it last year and I might not be going through all this now :(

Hi ladies, sorry to drag this old thread up but I wish I'd logged on to this site last year and read it :-/ Im in the same situation in that I tested positive HPV and had borderline changes in June 2013. At the colposcopy, the nurse said my cells were fine and I was discharged. I expected a follow up the following year but when I enquirer I was told I'd been discharged and was t due a smear until June 2016. Recently though I've had abnormal bleeding after sex, quite a lot of bright red blood. I saw my gp yesterday who said my cervix was red and that I'd got a blood blister on it. she's referring me for another colposcopy. I asked the dr if it was anything to worry about and she said she didn't think so but I wasnt reassured. I'm now convinced that this HPV has been causing problems for the past 2 1/2 years and it's gone unchecked, I'm sick with worry :-( So anyone out there who had tested positive but out on 3 yearly smears, kick up a fuss! I wish I had...