Worth going for a private smear? - Pregnancy mentioned

Hi, ladies.

I hope you're all as well and at peace as can be expected when on this forum :)  I think it's a lifesaver.

Anyway, as you can see below, I had LLETZ almost a year ago for CIN2.  At my 6 month follow up, I had a low grade result from my smear.  At colp, a small area of abnormal cells was observed.  Nurse wasn't worried and said treatment had been successful.  She asked me to come back in a year.

BUT I have that niggling worry - probably because I'm on summer holiday and that reminds me of this time last year.  I have no worrying symptoms.  However, we do want to have a baby next year, and I can't face colposcopy dramas in February right around the time we want to try.

So I'm wondering, is there any point in getting a private smear now?  To get it out the way?  Or did she say 12 months because she thinks it might resolve naturally, and doing it sooner might therefore lead to unnecessary treatment?

Thoughts welcome.

Love and luck to you all.


I'm sorry you had another abnormal result after your LLETZ and I can understand your concerns. I'm surprised to hear the nurse said the treatment was 'succesful' if you still have CIN and HPV (that's not how it's ever been put to me by my consultant) but the monitoring time does seem to be a year for CIN 1. Just out of interest, did the nurse take a biopsy to confirm the smear result or just go by sight alone? If she didin't take a biopsy, if it were me I'd be requesting a second opinion. It's true that CIN 1 can clear up by itself, just as the body can deal with HPV.

A private smear at 6 months is of course a possibility, but the NHS will still call you in a year's time, although of course you can refuse to attend. I can imagine it must be difficult if you were thinking of starting a family. The guidance tends to be not to while there is an ongoing issue with CIN, but ultimately I guess it will come down to whether you're comfortable to go ahead anyway.

I'm sorry I don't have any answers, but I wish you all the best. 

Thank you, Twilight.

I think I might go ahead and get a private one (then also attend the NHS one - can't hurt!).

I'm 32 ad this has been going on for a year already.  I don't think I can necessarily afford to wait until it's finished!

Best wishes to you too.