testing for HPV after lletz

Hi there.

i had a lletz done 3 weeks ago and it come back as CIN 3. Was told though that it had all bee removed, but now they are testing for hpv.

what does it mean if I have HPV, now that the CIN 3 is supposedly gone. Am I not in the clear? Will I need more treatment?

have to go back in six months for smear.

anyone know?

thanks in advance


Hello there 

good question, I'm curious too

i presume they just keep an eye on you and test your cells for HPV until it comes back negative? not sure if there is a way to treat HPV. everywhere ive looked says it clears itself up usually after 2 years, but ive not been sexual active for the last three years so if mine comes back positive and it's still in my system then I want to know when it does it go? Or perhaps it has gone now but hung around enough to cause my dyskaryosis 

i should google this LOL

I've googled too at got the same answers as you. It's a mine field out there.

let me know if you come up with anything.


Literally all I found was this: 

hpv can lay dormant for years 

there's a possiblity it can go dormant and come back 

there's no cure

no one knows how or why it lays dormant


sooooo. Greeeeeat! 

Well that's just dandy isn't it ;)

I will write down some questions and ask when I get my results. 

Let me know your findings x

     Hi All, 

The last few weeks it has been racking my brain. So I go for yearly smears. I had the lletz procedure back in July 2013 after my first smear came back abnormal with was referred to the hospital, after the procedure I did get an infection. Since having that procedure, it's strange I've never felt normal after as in how I was prior to the treatment. My periods are irregular and have never been consitant regular cycle. So after the infection and getting through all that I did and have felt sensitive after. 


So following 2013 I continued attending  when requested. 2014,2015,2016 all smears came back normal and I was to continue with attending yearly.   2017 I was due to go in March and with life and day to day I went in June. I always get anxious after having one as I never know. So during this smear I found it uncomfortable more so than the others and I just had a feeling this is not going to be clear. So I received my letter saying they have found borderline changes and HPV positive. So now I am due to go back to the hospital for a closer look. So I have looked on google and find reassurance then I'm like struggling again. 


Is it normal to get it all back again? im concerned if they do more treatment is that taking away more of my cervix as I have not started a family yet but that's another chapter. sorry to ramble on! :) 

my latest letter said as i still have HPV the cells are less likely to go away or new ones may of formed. so i googled how to help my body fight hpv and lists come up including folic acid, green tea, green veg etc so i am giving all this a shot and hope for the best ! i have a colposcopy aug 4 2017