LLETZ then inadequate smear


6 months ago i had CIN3 and LLETZ procedure which successfully removed the cells. I have gone for my follow up smear 6 months later and the results show I still have HPV positive but the test was unreliable so i have to go back in 3 MONTHS. Given that i still have HPV which causes the abnormal cells i am very worried. Anyone else had this experience? thanks,


Hi Amy,
That seems very strange. I wonder why the smear test showed you are HPV positive but the test is unreliable. Perhaps the sample of cells taken wasn’t sufficient to analyse it for abnormalities. I know they can’t repeat smear tests for three months so I’m guessing that’s why they’ve said three months to you. It takes the cells that time to regenerate. It sounds more like there was a problem with the sample taken so try not to worry. Regarding HPV you could have that for years before it goes away. Everyone’s immune system tends to react different to HPV. Like you I had CIN 3 and I had treatment in January. I had my 6 month follow up post treatment last month and I am awaiting my smear tests results. Try not to worry, it’s good they are keeping an eye on you and everything might turn out fine.

I personally had a smear result of HPV + and severe high grade dyskaryosis, then had a colposcopy and lletz 10 days after results. Lletz came back as CIN 2 & 3. 6 month test of cure smear result showed HPV + no cell abnormalities. Had another colposcopy appointment and they took 3 biopsies where white showed up after adding solution to the cervix. Been waiting over 3 weeks for results. They are in, but the nurse specialist hasn’t looked at them yet (the receptionist told me). I hate waiting.


This is really reassuring. Thank you so much for your reply.

Please let me know how you get on with your results. Best wishes

Hi Sammi

Thank you for sharing

This sounds difficult. Please let me know how you get on. Yes its the wait thats horrific isnt it! Best wishes