Test of Cure?

Hi everyone 

I  received my results of the Lletz treatment. No sign of cancer thankfully but there were significant CIN2. Letter says they appear to be removed which is a reassuring result. I'd prefer the letter to say they have been removed but it still positive! 

I have to have a Test of Cure smear at my GPs in 6 months time.

Is this just a normal smear? Is it something I book or will I receive a letter? 

Do I have to book a 6 week check or can I just start having baths, swimming etc after 4 weeks?

I am so grateful to this group for the support and advice given. 

Thank you 



Hi Giggles82,

Pleased to hear your results & no cancer shown, that must be a huge relief. I agree the wording of appear isn't the best, but still positive.
I'm afraid I can't answer your questions, however I'm still awaiting my results from my LLETZ treatment so wondered how long it took for you to get yours?

Thanks a lot,


It is a normal smear. I was sent a standard "it's time for your screening" letter although I had already booked mine with the nurse at my GP surgery when I went to see her for my contraceptive jab.

My results letter said something similar - I rang the colposcopy clinic as I was concerned that the letter didn't say anything about clear margins. The consultant apologized for badly worded standard NHS letters and confirmed that the lab report said that margins were clear.

I was not advised to book a 6 week check, just went back to normal activities after 4 weeks.

Hope this helps


Hi Emma

Thank you! I had my Lletz in 15th so it's taken just over two weeks for my results.

I will continue to check in on here so if you have any other questions don't hesitate to message 

This forum has been a lifeline in this anxious time xx

Thank you that's really helpful xxx

Hi Giggles82, 

Ahh we had them around similar time as mine was on 13th, but still no results. Hoping they come through this week. Thank-you re checking back if any questions. I agree re this forum, it's been such a comfort over the past few weeks! xx

Hopefully you'll hear this week xx

Thanks. Fingers crossed x