Test of cure biopsies

Hi everyone,

Need some advice please…
I had my first abnormal smear last nov had CIN3 positive HPV and LLETZ procedure.
My test of cure was Thursday just gone (22/07/21) and as soon as the consultant put the dye I could see straight away it wasn’t going to be great news, I had some biopsies taken and now back to the gruelling 6 weeks wait. Has anyone else gone through the same? I was soooo positive going into my test of cure appointment I just feel shattered again

Thank you this website is my every evening read lately
Lots of love to you all x

Hello I know this is for years ago. Just wondered what they did next and how you are now?
I’m currently in a very similar boat now Ive had my 6month test of cure after lletz for cgin in June/July last year. And they saw changes at that appointment during the die process. They didn’t do any biopsies at the time just a smear. I didn’t look at the screen but I’ve been copied into a letter from the colposcopy unit to my gp which said they saw HPV changes but they need to wait for the smear results before deciding next steps. And the wait is not fun