test of cure

Hiya, so 6 months ago I had the lletz treatment for cin3 cells. I was told then and on the letter that follows that I would require a smear in 6 months time for a test of cure. I have received a letter from doctor saying my test of cure is due however when ringing nurse she said on the system it’s not due for another 6 months so 12 months from treatment and that they can’t do it. My consultant emphasised how important it was that I had my follow up smear in 6 months time and looking online it seems common practise. My nurse has said she will email consultant and see what he says but now I’m worried and annoyed. I wanted the test of cure done so I could truly relax and know it’s over and done with and hasn’t come back etc. Just wondered if anybody eke had a similar problem please? Or if anyone else had to wait 12 months? Many thanks Lauren

If you have your results letter saying 6 months take to your gp xx