Test of Cure Following LLETZ / Result Question


I am hoping someone can help me, I recieved my results from my LLETZ in December which notifed me I am all clear and the CIN3 cells have been removed succesfully. 

I have been invited for a test of cure in June for a check up and follow up smear - already I have anxiety of something coming back and having to go through this all again. Has anyone had a test of cure and been discharged back onto the normal cervical screening routine? I guess I am looking for some hope even though I know each case is different. 

Additionally, the letter I recieved only stated they had succesfully removed CIN3 and it was non-cancerous. I have ready previously about clear margins etc but I havent been told mine were, should I call for further clarification or would they have mentioned this in the letter if there was a concern with the margins?


Any help / advice appriciated


Thank you! 

Hi there,

I'm new to this forum, but have been a lurker for the past couple of months.

Just like you I received my LLETZ results the other day with CIN2/3 and treatment successful. The letter made no mention of clear margins either.

Hoping to read some more positive replies about the test of cure smear ?


I am currently anxiously waiting for LLETZ results, and I think it's normal you're worried about your future smear as you've just been through a scare, but have peace of mind that it's only 5 months and not much can happen between now and then especially as cervical cancer is extremely slow growing so if they found anything in June it would still be super early / pre cancerous cells.


I have seen plenty of messages on this forums from ladies that have been discharged to yearly / 3 yearly smears following the follow test from LLETZ 


hope you're well and hope you can start to feel less anxious now you have your LLETZ results x


I had lletz (CIN3) in July 2019, test of cure January 2020, HPV negative, discharged back to routine smears. I think, from reading about it at the time, that 80% or more will have this result. 
Things that make HPV neg at test of cure more likely are being younger and not smoking.

Hope it goes well for you