Test of cure - Normal and clear of HPV!

I thought I'd update as I know I've been scouring this forum for people like me while waiting on results. I had my test of cure after CIN 3 removed in January. 


Clear of HPV, yay! Does this mean I can have sex without condoma with my partner again - are we both now immune?


A girl in another forum is telling me I still have HPV and will always have it, and can't be clear from it?

Good news  - well done!

I think there is alot they don't understand about HPV. HPV free means that it is not active which means that it is not reproducing in your cells and producing detectable virus particles. Whether this means it is gone or that it is suppressed but still present, i don't seem to be able to find a definitive answer. It cannot cause further cell changes though.

I had a negative HPV test in 2013 but CIN3 this year (and a normal smear in between) I can't see how I can have picked up a new infection since my negative test. If your smear shows high grade dyskaryosis as mine did, they don't bother with HPV testing.

As for the condoms thing, the Jo's trust info page doesn't seem to be able to give a definitive answer on this either.

Hope you are able to put it behind you now 

Hi Regeo,

i received the same too.. yay us! As far as I know, we will always be carriers of teh HPV virus, it's just laying dormant at the moment.

Can I ask if they said when your next smear will be? Mine has said back to 3 yearly smears, just want to check that's normal?

I did my research it seems like once your negative it can permanently go away and if it do try to come back your immune system will notice it and Will prevent it from coming back positive

This is completely wrong misinformation. You are never completely safe. It can reactivate anytime your immunity is weak and start destroying again. This is why people previously treated for CIN have higher risk, from 2 to 7-fold compared to general population for CC. Thus, people should always get checked and do hpv dna tests both privately and via NHS.