HPV Test of Cure?!!?

Hi I haven’t posted for some time, but have come back after having continued to read other ladies posts and feeling for all those who are dealing with these issues…

I searched the forums for details about HPV but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I’ve opened a letter today saying my smear test results are Normal…

This is the first time in a long time!! However, I’m confused as last time I had a smear it was positive for HPV and I had to go back for another Colposcopy… So does this ‘normal’ test result mean that the HPV isn’t active?? Or that the virus is gone?! Or is it nothing to do with HPV and just means I don’t have abnormal cell changes?
I’m presuming as I’ve had LLETZ in the past and last time tested positive for HPV they would have tested for it again this time?

Also on my results letter it says my next smear is due at the end of 2018… I was really shocked by this!!!
My understanding of it was that after having severe cell changes and treatment you’d be closely monitored for several years. It was only Summer 2014 that I had my LLETZ. Now with one normal test result I seem to not need to go back for 3 years!!!

Any info’ anyone has on either subject is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi there,

Although I can't answer most of your questions as I'm waiting for my biopsy results to come back to see if I need treatment, I do know that there is no cure for HPV; It is, however, possibleven for it to go dormant. I would call your doctor/nurse and see if they tested you for HPV this last smear, and if so, what was the result.

In regards to the three year follow up, I've just sent a message to my doc regarding this as well because I noticed in my patient information it says I am due for a PAP in three years. Thus seems wrong to me as I thought he would want to do a PAP in another 6 months - 1 year. I will let you know what he says! I'm hoping he will reply sometime tomorrow. 

Best wishes!

I'm in completly the other boat. Had boderline changes in my smear in 2013, but tested negative for HPV. They sent me for a colposcopy anyway due to bleeding after intercourse. It confirmed the changes were just borderline and because I hadn't tested positive for HPV I could go back to normal testing. However I got a letter from my GP in 2014 saying I was due a test that year, had it done and everything came back normal. Then  a letter this year saying i needed another one (even the nurse doing the smear couldn't figure out why I was still on yearly checks). Anyway that came back normal too and yet they still want to test me next year. I suppose I should be happy they're being so cautious.