6 months test of cure smear RESULTS!


So yesterday I received my results from my 6 month test of cure after being diagnosed and having treatment for CIN 3.

The letter states that my HPV has come back with a NEGATIVE result. It doesn’t state anything regarding the abnormal cells so I’m assuming after my treatment LLETZ with already saying it was all clear and successful the HPV isn’t showing POSITIVE so no abnormal cells will be present.

It’s taken nearly a full year from start to finish and it’s been an emotional and draining experience but I’m over the moon that my nightmare is over for now. My next smear test is now due 2022!

I wish you all, all the luck in the world. There is alot of information on here and alot of people who are there to help you and this site has given me hope and a little comfort that I wasn’t going through this alone.

Take care and remember the tests and procedures are there to help you fight this!



Hey - well done you! 

It's reassuring for the rest of us to hear positive stories like yours.