Some good news at last - test of cure


I just wanted to share an update.

Last year, I found out that my HPV had caused CIN 2 so I had cervical diathermy to remove the abnormal cells (I didn’t want the LEEP procedure as I was worried about possible impact on future pregnancies) in Dec 2021.

I’ve just had my test of cure result which says I’m now HPV negative and am back to three year check ups. I honestly couldn’t believe that the HPV had gone and I literally cried with relief as I found the process last year so scary and difficult.

I just wanted to share this as when I was going through the process last year, reading any good news on here gave me some hope! X


That is great news. Really happy for you. Hope everything goes well in the future Rx

Thanks for a positive update,it’s so good to read some positive outcomes :relaxed:

@beckys what lovely news to read. I’m delighted for you xx