leep results quite confused...

hiya guys just received my keep results through today and all it says is that its shown cin 3 and the treatment should have cured the abnormality and I should have a follow up smear in 6months to confirm it and it should be done at least 6months after treatment or a test of cure cannot be performed.

so does that mean I had hpv as there's no mention of it and no nothing else at all on the letter.

any help would be appreciated!

:-S x


My results letter said pretty much the same thing. It just means they think the treatment got all the cells but when they do a smear in 6 months time it'll confirm this.

The likelihood is that you did have hpv if you have abnormal cells as hpv is the most common cause of these.

There is no cure for hpv but your body fights against it to get rid of it. This should be tested at your check up smear too.

Hope your recovering well x

thanks, I just wish theyd give a bit more information I these letters although it did say in bold IT IS NOT CANCER which I thought was weird way of putting it! Yeah am fine thanks sometimes I forget iv even had it done which I guess I'm lucky compared to some! Xx

Some hospitals seems to send out really detailed letters and unfortunately some other don't. If you ring the colposcopy clinic they may be able to explain in a bit more detail if you have anymore questions x

Hi, I had a simlar letter it just meant to go back for follow up smear 6 months later, I was a little late with my follow up as i was having abnormal bleeding due to coming off the depo injection but had mine and it came back all clear and no HPV and that my next smear is in 2017! x

ah that's good news kittykat! Iv started taking vitamin c and folic acid to help kick things into gear as read that folic acid helps to repair cells and is recommended for women whove had cervical abnormalities x

Ye Green tea is fab for it too aparentely - my partner got loads in and insisted we drank it not very nice I know but if it helps definately worth it!! good luck and have a fab xmas xxx !!