Test of Cure following Lletz x2 - How long for results?

How long did you ladies wait for your Test of Cure results following a smear at the colposcopy clinic in the hospital. I’m metaphorically chewing my nails to the bone here.

It’s lovely to see a recognisable face in here.

When you did you have you test of cure lovely?

I’ve had my appointment through for the end of November, although I’m 6 months this week. I’ll be lletz x2 too.

Really hope all goes okay for you x


Hi Lemon! Wonderful to see you too. I hope you are well?

06th October my smear but I’ve not even had the standard ‘we saw you in the clinic today’ letter. I suppose it’s not that long but I’m eager to start the ball rolling for IVF if I get the all clear.

That seems like an age to wait till the end of November. You could always ring and ask if they have any cancellations. It’s what I did as originally it was going to be end of November for me too which was a month and a half after it should have been. I have the option of two hospitals by me and managed to get a cancellation in my home town.

I have my fingers crossed for you too. Xx


Hello ladies! How are you?
Had my test of cure today. The doctor said all looks good but have to wait 2-3 weeks for the smear results. Back to waiting again…


Hi guys. I had my test of cure smear at the hospital on 6th October and heard nothing. It’s so depressing checking the post everyday and the longer it goes on the more I fear :frowning: I had cold coagulation and it’s unlikely I will have kicked HPV as I’m immunocompromised.

Hi Dreamland doing OK. Pretty anxious though to be honest. 2 - 3 weeks sounds about what it should be and what I was hoping it to be. Fingers crossed you get the results you are hoping for too xx


Hi Eleanor,

I rang the hospital today, probably about 7 times before I gave up and just left a answerphone message. They haven’t got back to me today. Totally sympathise with how you feel, the longer it goes on the more you worry. I don’t think I’ll have cleared HPV either. Just a feeling and I was reading earlier that sometimes it can persist for 10 to 15 years. Just to know there are no lesions would be good though. Xx

Hi Kultkoala,
One of my consultants said that women often find HPV is still present at the 6 month test of cure but in the vast majority of cases it will be gone by 12 months. I’m hoping to get a HPV negative result but who knows what’ll happen!


Post has just been. Still no letter!

I hope you do get a negative HPV result Dreamland. It would be such a relief and a weight off your shoulders. Hopefully soon Eleanor. I’ve spoken to a secretary today and she said she has literally just put the results on my consultants desk for dictation and consideration of further management. I’m not sure that makes me feel any better but at least I know I should know for sure soon. Xx


Hello people :slight_smile:

My test of cure smear is end of November
My daughter sent me some research to suggest that all of this is random- actually that was quite a comfort. I mean how HPV affects people.
I still have strange discomfort when I wee though, it’s not severe.
Anyone else have this ?

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That is frustrating what is that supposed to even mean. I don’t know whether it would be worth calling and ask them to be specific. I just called now and they said they don’t have any results back for me at all!

Did they give you no time framework at all ?

I think it just means the results haven’t been interpreted yet by my consultant and once she has a look and dictates the letter will then let me know whether I can go back to regular smear tests or need more treatment. I wouldn’t have thought your results would be much longer given we both had smears at the same time. Xx

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Hi Rebecca,

Yes I believe it is all very random. The discomfort when weeing is not something I have experienced. Might be worth mentioning to your GP as it may be unrelated to any procedure. Xx

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Thank you Kult Koala

It started after the lletz. I did mention it to the GP but she said she wasn’t quite sure what was happening.
I will mention it again
It’s my belief that for me at least the whole cervix has no pain receptors is a myth.
Of course it could be unrelated

Oh that’s a definite myth. They wouldn’t numb it before slicing into it if it didn’t have any pain receptors. They only recently discovered how large an expanse of nerves the clitoris has. Hopefully your GP will help if you mention it again.

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Well I suspect I’m getting the nurse for a smear but I will ask her
Atm I’m recovering from anal fissure surgery

I don’t think there’s any connection with HPV though did think at one stage it was possible. Medics didn’t really know. At least I’ve got time off work.

Good luck everyone with your results xxxx

Ahh yes I understand. It’s good you have been able to interpret that with a clear head. I’m not sure how to interpret the fact my results are not even in. I would have thought if I was HPV negative they would know that much quicker so assume I’m still positive and they have then had to spend time examining for abnormal cells. Hopefully not too much longer to know either way. I did ask the receptionist if them taking a long time was a bad sign but she didn’t seem to think so.

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I think it probably isn’t
When I was HPV positive and had cell changes results seemed quite speedy ( I’d actually gone too early for my 5 year smear and the nurse wasn’t even sure they would check it). I think if they are worried they are usually quicker at getting in touch.
Pressure on services is very great at present. I have another health issue and it is obvious how stretched they are