Test of Cure at colposcopy clinic


A brief background - I have had HPV since 2020. This March I had a LLETZ treatment. After 11 weeks of waiting and chasing the results (I was told I’d receive them in three weeks!!) I have finally received the results. CIN 2/3. No cancer and I gather the margins were clear as the letter said it looks as though the abnormality was completely removed. Only 5mm of tissue was taken.

Despite that, instead of being referred back to the GP for my follow up test of cure smear in 6 months, they have invited me back to the colposcopy clinic for the 6 month test of cure smear and another colposcopy. I’m actually quite pleased because I would rather have everything thoroughly examined than have to go through the rigmarole or smear, waiting for results, waiting for colposcopy appointment etc. On the other hand I am also quite curious that they have chosen to go straight to colposcopy follow up rather than back to my GP.

Has anyone else been invited back for colposcopy and test of cure smear at their colposcopy clinic? Was the reason for this explained to you?

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I’ve had 2 TOC and colposcopies after my Lletz for CGIN. Both at the colposcopy centre and I was told this was normal. I’ve now been discharged back to my GP and will be retested in 3 years.

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Hello. I had a Lletz in March 2022 as CIN 1/2 but it was all cleared. Then follow on colposcopy in September last year which was minor changes but still HPV. I was told I’d be invited back to colposcopy for a colposcopy and smear at the same time so back I went in March this year. That came back HPV but no cell changes so I’m back again in September still at hospital but with no changes in March hoping HPV is at last on way out. Don’t know if that helps but it’s great to be regularly checked x

Iv been told to return to clinic for my 6 month TOC aswel, not the GP.

You are all very lucky I think. I had second LLETZ, cin 2 and not completely clear margins but referred to GP for test of cure smear (and no colposcopy booked) I think it must depend on your hospital. Fingers crossed all goes well for you all. x

Im cin2 / cin3 have LLETZ procedure 2 weeks ago. Hoping results come in shortly … first time. Hope your ok katieT