Test of Cure after Lletz waiting results

Hi guys thought I would reach out. Had my ToC 6 weeks ago yesterday after having a LLETZ/Cone biopsy under GA 6 months ago. When i went for my ToC at the Colposcopy clinic I asked the Consultant what happened now if the test was positive for changes. He was very reluctant to answer questions. I had high grade CGIN and was given an appt very quickly. Fast forward to now and the waiting for the result is driving me bananas. I thought I would have heard by now and my mind is in overdrive why I have not heard. There is very little online about ToC and any results. I did ask about a hysterectomy and he said that was one option. I felt a little calmer at this appt so i wanted some answers to my questions but I always feel they are reluctant to answer too many questions. I am based in South Wales. Thanks.

Hi Morgan, I have a very similar story. LLETZ for CGIN and CIN3 back in August and had my TOC at the clinic 2 weeks ago and am also waiting for my results. However, I was told at my TOC that I had clear margins, so.ething that I was unaware of after the surgery. I have done lots of research and don’t quote me be but I believe the cure rate after LLETZ is something like 70% at 6 months and 85% at a year (of HPV that is) I don’t know why, but those statistics really helped put my mind at rest a little. Also, the fact that I’m being closely monitored has helped too. You should search Test of cure on the forum, lots of people have posted articles regarding reoccurence percentages and things. I hope this has helped a.little. x

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Hi Morgan,

I hope you don’t mind me jumping on this thread. Just wanted to wish you all the best with your results. I’m also in the South Wales area and I have my ToC booked in for 3 weeks time.

I’m anxious about the recent changes that have been introduced about increasing the interval period for screening and what it means if you have no virus (they won’t look at your cells if your HPV has cleared).

If you ever need someone to talk to from South Wales, I’m here! We may have similar experiences with NHS Wales.

I hope you’re ok!

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Thanks Tara. Still no results. May rung the colposcopy clinic soon as my mind is in overdrive. Please feel free to private message me.

Hi Morgan,

The colposcopy clinic have always been really helpful when I’ve called in a worry. My ToC is with my GP surgery, I wonder why mine isn’t at the colposcopy department?

I had CGIN and had it removed under GA so maybe that made a difference. The care I had was amazing but the lack of contact is frustrating.

UPDATE. Results are in. No HPV so no more treatment needed for now. Another smear in 12 months. What a huge relief.


That’s brilliant news, what a relief for you! I’m still waiting for mine, hopefully will hear something soon.


I’ve just received my results too. I’m also clear of HPV, so relieved. Back for a smear in 12 months.