Terrified. Pap came back hsil, bleeding between periods

So I had a pap 6 weeks ago that came back hsil but my gp told me it's cervical cancer. As you can imagine I am confused seems everything I've read says hsil is precancerous yet my gp has said I have cancer.

The reason I had the pap was because I had a period start the week after one had finished.  I was booked for a  colposcopy on October 1st but my period started so they couldn't do it.  I was rescheduled for October 22nd and here I am with another period 2 weeks after the last one ended.

Now my gp is adamant that I have cc based on the pap smear of hgsil, do Dr's get more information on the pathology report than they are allowed to tell us? My letter from the pap register just says high grade lesion and urgent colposcopy required. Wouldn't they have said if it was cc? Or they aren't allowed?  My pap was early by only 4 months. I also have pcos so this could be causing the odd bleeding too and I'm really stressed which also could cause it. I'm just scared because everything I've read said bleeding like this is usually at an advanced stage. 


Hiya don't be alarmed, my doctor said suspected cc, they can't actually say it is as a smear test can't pick up cancer cells just abnormal cells, don't panic your self your in for your colposcopy and they will shed more light, they will end up doing a biopsy and lletz and 90% of the time it gets rid of the cells. Don't google things either as they are all doom and gloom any questions ask here people are very helpful x