Urgent advice needed please!!

Hi everyone, thanks for reading.

Long story short I had CIN 3 removed from my cervix in 2016 via Lletz treatment.

Fast forward to now I went to my gps last week because I’m bleeding every time I have sex, spotting/brown discharge between periods and random cramping.

My gp did a smear on Monday as I’m due for one next month anyway. She said it looks like I have cervical erosion and it bled when she touched it.
The reason for my message on here today is that since my smear I haven’t stopped bleeding along with blood clots and bad tummy cramps.
I went back to the doctors Friday because it was so heavy and she prescribed me with a hormone drug to ease the bleeding and she said if the smear results are clear she will refer me for an ultra sound and look at cauterisation. And she said that’s if we aren’t going down the cancer route…I’m just waiting for my smear results now which should be back within 2 weeks she said (it’s been 1 week already)

Anyone had a cervical erosion with the same symptoms as me or is this likely cc? I just want to know, the waiting is driving me mad.

Thanks x

Any advise please? It's been nearly 3 weeks since having my smear done and I'm still bleeding. The doctor has put me on a hormone drug but that hasn't helped. Has anyone else had this? 

I'd give your gp another call. Bleeding should not last this long. Hope your biopsy results are negative for cancer 

Thank u so much for replying. The doctor has asked me to let them know if my smear results are normal as they want to book a scan and cauterise the area to stop the bleeding. But they said they can't book anything until I've received my smear results. Obviously if the cells are abnormal I'll be sent for a colposcopy. I'm just worried because I know this isn't normal, and the amount of bleeding I've had. The doctor said she could see the cells there growing on the outside (cervical erosion) but I'm thinking it's cc that she can see...just really worried. They said there are minor delays in getting smear results back but I should hear any day now...I just wanted to know if anyone had any symptoms like me with cervical erosion etc xx

Make sure to take a iron supplement, since you're bleeding quite a bit you don't want to become anemic. Hope you get results shortly and everything is ok.

Thank you, I got some this weekend actually cz I have been feeling quite lethargic x 

I didn't want to read and run. 
Hope your results come through soon and are all clear xxx

Thank you for your comments. The doctor rang me yesterday and said even though my smear results aren't in yet they are referring me for a scan within 2 weeks. I'm still bleeding so it's been nearly 4 weeks now! I suppose I'd like to know if anyone else that has been diagnosed with CC has had similar symptoms or if anyone thinks it could be something else? 

Grace hope you're doing ok and that iron is helping, it's good they're doing a scan to be thorough. I hope everything turns out ok.