Advice needed please

Hi everyone Im new here, not even sure if this is the correct place to post this. But I will anyway. 

I'm so nervous, for a few months now I've had irregular bleeding between periods, I'm always bleeding, first I started spotting between periods, then my periods started coming 2 weeks apart, and then they started lasting a lot longer and heavier than normal, my longest has been 14 days, heaviest has been leaking a heavy flow tampon 3 times per hour. I get pain during sex, like a pressure... And I bleed after sex, I get cramping in my lower back, and up my left side, and dull aches in my lower pelvic area., when jot on my period I have heavy blood stained discharge all the time.. . I've been to my gp and she took bloods and done a smear, all normal, but I'm still sitting with all these symptoms and no answer as to why.. Shes referred me to gyne as urgent but not red flagged so it could take over 6 months.. I have been researching this for weeks and weeks, and I've read stories where smears havnt picked up cervical cancer which makes me nervous, especially as I'm still bleeding heavily, still spotting between periods and still getting those cramps... 

Smears aren't a diagnosis for cervical cancer and cannot detect cervical cancer, they detect HPV and then cell changes. With your symptoms your GP should have done the 2 week urgent referral as a standard protocol due to the symptoms you have, you need to call up your GP, explain the symptoms again and request the 2 week referral.

hope this helps xx

Hi yes I will do that, thank you. I can't wait 6 months, I know something isn't right and I need this seen to. Just out of curiosity, how is cervical cancer diagnosed, I never knew that a smear doesn't detect it. X

Yeah it's not really common knowledge, people think smears diagnose cancer when in fact they detect cervical changes, an account I follow on Instagram is a girl who has CC but had a completely normal smear, the reason is because a smear tests for HPV If you're HPV negative then they do not check the cells as less than 1% of cervical cancer happens without HPV, most cervical cancers are from certain types of HPV.

cervical cancer is diagnosed by colposcopy, LLETZ/biopsies, MRI/CT and blood tests.


april xx

My blood tests were all normal, not sure if thats an indication or not... But I'm defo going to push this., I can't ignore it especially as I'm living with all these symptoms.. Thank you xx

I agree, people often confuse the two.

So are use saying its completely possible to have cancer but receive a normal smear and normal blood tests? It's very worrying isn't it.. Xx

Hi I have been having the exact same symptoms as yourself and just seen the gynaecologist a few days ago who says it's unlikely to be cancer due to my age (42) unsure why but sending me for a scan which could take months!! He thinks it could be fibroids so fingers crossed it's nothing serious for you x

Hi, thank you for your reply, why does your age mean anything? Curious.. I'm 32, my scan could take months too, I actually contacted a girl who i know works in the offices and she said gynae is closed due to covid so noone is getting any appointments, she said I'm down as urgent thow but not red flagged, it's just frustrating still having these symptoms with no answers, it's infuriating. Thank you for your kind wishes x

I'm unsure about the age thing too as I know women younger than me who have cervical cancer...I think he was just trying to reassure me. Let's hope things start re-opening soon x

Yes let's hope ? x