What's what

Hi all, thanks for a supportive circle.
Had bleeding between periods for three years and pod for yearly smears and all clear until October when I was found to have hpv Cin 1-+ 2. Anyway just wondered how people manage symptoms. I’m told I’ve not got cc and the erosion as well as cells were taken during lleetz but why am I still experiencing bleeding between periods then? I’m on the pill as was forced to to stop the bleeding and it hasn’t which then causes anxiety about the cervix as I’ve had those issues. Can’t help bt link these problems

Have you had a follow up smear since the LLETZ? xx

Hi ya nope it's due in June and the clinic I emailed said it's not my cervix it's other gynae issurs so need Togo an alternative route back through my gp 

It's good that they don't think it's your cervix. Guess you just have to go back to your GP for answers! Could be endometriosis, ovarian cysts, polyps... or nothing at all! 

Thanks x