Terrified about what’s ahead... (Children mentioned)

Hi all. I’m a 30 year old mother of 1 (2 1/2 yrs old) and in Septembe, we started trying for baby no 2. I’d been on the pill since birth of baby no 1 so I knew my periods would be irregular - but when I started spotting between periods and after sex, I was really concerned. I went to see my GP and she was really thorough - checked my cervix and said that she could see some erosion which might be causing the spotting, and ordered a set of bloods. They came back normal, but the spotting remained so she referred me for a colposcopy. I wasn’t in the least bit worried as she put my mind at rest and said that I might not get seen for weeks. In the meantime, I’ve felt a tiny lump on my cervix (which I can’t ever remember feeling before) and I’ve scared myself silly. I’ve decided to go privately - but when I called the NHS to cancel, they told me that I was referred as an urgent case...this has terrified me. My symptoms all fit advanced cervical cancer - bleeding after sex, pelvic and lower back pain. I’m so scared that they will find something and that my darling boy will lose his mummy!


Sorry to hear you are facing this. I also didn't realise but I had some symptoms and luckily it was caught at 1b1 so could have been a lot worse if wasn't caught earlier. Try not too worry I know it is hard but I found keeping myself busy was the only way to distract myself. It is good that your gp isn't too concerned. I hope you are seen quickly. Sending hugs x