Urgent referral 2ww

Hi Ladies,

I hope this is ok to post in this section as its the moat relevent but not due to a smear test.

I have been secretly scrolling through your forum for the past week and thought it time i introduce myself and get some help through the next few weeks.

I am 32 and a mum of 4 beautiful children 6, 2, 2 and 16weeks old.

I have never had an abnormal smear and always taken the opportunity to so my smear although my last was delayed by a few months due to being pregnant with my twins.

Following the birth of my youngest almost 4 months ago i had a normal period and then nothing. However, i was delayed in started the contraceptive pill (yasmin) as baby was in hospital for a week with suspected sepsis (thankfully not) so the doctor said just start the pill to regulate yourself.

Once protected i started to notice bleeding after sex one weekend so went to GP who looked and said my cervix was inflammed and looks suspect and abnormal so i am on am urgent referral.

I have cried ever since every time my babies look at me and ask me why i am crying i cry abit more i am so scared. Having lost my pwn mum at 43 that isnt helping.

The Gp doesnt think its a reaction to the pill as o have been on it for a number of years (various for over 20 years) and it would be rare to suddenly have a reaction however, i stopped the pill as i started to regularly spot without intercourse.

I have now been without my pill for 9 days and spotted, then period and now spotting again with continual cramps.

I am now so scared its cancer i cant think straight and my urgent appointment isnt for another 2 weeks.

Has anyone had these symptoms, whats it like at your urgent appointment at hospital?

My mum had a full hysterectomy at 35 but i dont know anything more than years of fertility issues.

I dont fear cancee because reading all your stories has given so much hope that i get through it if diagnosed. Its how it will impact my kids. I have some family support but i need to look after them, i am on mat leave and i would have to consider going on the sick when that finishes if this happens. As you can tell mu head is full of questions and worry.

Sorry if this sounds abit confusing or muffled

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Roisink990

My situation isn’t like yours but I have spoken with someone experiencing similar after their most recent arrival, fortunately it was nothing serious but the worry was real for those few uncertain weeks.

Firstly, it is great that your GP has made your referral, although it doesn’t sound like they’ve been particularly reassuring.

With you being 16 weeks PP your body will still be doing all sorts of weird things, hopefully that is all thats happening, of course there are infections too, also a possibility after childbirth, did your doctor swab? While a reaction to the pill may be rare, it is certainly not impossible, we can develop reactions to anything at anytime, particularly during and just after pregnancy while hormones are haywire.

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Hi Roisink990 and welcome to the community

I was diagnosed with stage 2A1 cervical cancer in 2017 following symptoms, which included a persistent yellow watery discharge followed by fairly heavy bleeding. I hadn’t had a smear test for about 12 years at the time!

My GP gave me a 2ww referral for gynaecology at the hospital when the bleeding started. At the gynae appointment the consultant started by asking me about my symptoms, my general medical background and a bit about me. One question that sticks in my mind was being asked where I thought the bleeding was coming from; I said it was vaginal bleeding and then the consultant asked if it was like having a period (yes) which surprised me but I guess he wanted to ensure there were no misunderstandings. Next the gynae attempted an examination but as I was unable to tolerate a speculum I was referred for examination under GA, which I had a few days later. As I was coming round from the GA the gynae told me there were clearly visible abnormalities on my cervix which were described as friable; biopsies of my cervix for histology were taken during the exam and the gynae told me there and then that cancer was suspected - the rest is history as they say.

I would stongly advise not to google to try and self diagnose, because it likely won’t be helpful and will just increase your anxiety.

If it does turn out you have cancer you should be supported by a named clinical nurse specialist who will be able to advise/signpost about the various aspects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment From personal experience I recommend Macmillan for information and support about coping with family, work etc


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Not sure if this will help you but I was diagnosed following a 2ww urgent referral this year (England NHS in Leeds).

My smear was slightly overdue and I had been having abnormal bleeding whilst on the mini pill which was not resolving. The doctor attempted to take a smear and did a manual exam but ended up making a 2ww referral.

I was then contacted with a date for a colposcopy appointment. That appointment was within 2 weeks of referral but I did chase it up as i did not hear anything for a week.

During the colposcopy appointment where they took biopsies they will tell you if it looks suspicious. In my case I was advised that it was and that I would be contacted for a follow up appointment and to expect that I would need a MRI.

I then had a an appointment two weeks later with a gynaecologist and two nurses where I was informed that the biopsy was adenocarcinoma and the doctor did a manual examination and identified (correctly) that I also had a suspected fibroid. My results were slightly delayed by Easter and my staging MRI was within a week of that appointment.

At the appointment where I was told the biopsy results one of the nurses present was the CNS who is still involved in my care and I was given her contact details for any follow up questions I had.

I subsequently had another gyanaecology appointment to confirm staging following the MRI and in my case was then referred to oncology.

Thank you for sharing your story with me. I hope your journey is going well and you are nearing recovery

Thank you for your comments. I am trying hard to not worry and cause additional anxiety. Ita just so hard isnt it.

Hope you are now pn the road to recovery x