Hello ladies, 

Need some reassurance please. I went for my 6 month smear since the CIN3 was removed last week and got the letter through my door today. I feel I should be happy as it says my smear result was normal! !! Yay but it also says that there is some evidence of HPV so I have now been referred back to Colposcopy. I burst in to tears and have not been able to calm myself. Has anyone else been through this? Is this normal


Oh someone please help.


Love you all 

Don't panic too much! Positive - abnormal cells are gone and the smear was clear. Yes the hpv is still there but your body will get rid of it, it can just take sometime, and the reason you get called back is to make sure everything stays normal. Don't worry about not feeling happy it's a horribly emotional thing to deal with, personally I have no idea how people just shrug their shoulders and carry on, the whole thing petrifies me x

Thank you Stacey you kind words mean alot to me. I feel like saying stop the world I need to get off!

That's ok, I'm so glad I found people who don't just tell you it's all fine and nothing to worry about, get on with it. I have found the whole thing very stressful!x

Hey, me and my friend went through the whole lletz situation earlier this year. Her results of her lletz were, CIN 3 clear margins. Feb of this year. My lletz was march of this year, my results were biopsy- cin2/3 lletz CIN1 clear margins, this was in march this year. My point being is that my friend went for her 6 month check in August and her results of the smear were the same as yours normal smear yet hpv positive still. She had to go bk to colposcopy too and they had a look and basically said she is totally fine, they've put her bk to 3 year screening. My result of my smear which I got bk on Friday morning were normal smear and no hpv. I don't know how iv done it but I was happy obviously. I'm also bk to 3 year screening now. Yet we are both going to have a private one in about a year costs around 80 quid so it's worth it. Please do not let the hpv result upset you, it's the hpv that causes the bad cells yes, but you have no bad cells, so this is good, In a way I wish I had a colposcopy rather than just a smear as they can always be wrong. Think of it this way the doc will have a detailed look at your cervix and you will trust his/her conclusion. They told my friend on the day too, they didn't need to do any biopsy as she looked ok. Head high xx take care xx (I know iv rambled on lol)

Thank you Gem Gem, I really hope thats the same for me. I have grown to hate colp so much I think I will need to pop a Diazepam before I go! I just want to shift this HPV! thanks for your kind and detailed reply!

Do you think I will have to have more removed? what are the chances of this?