6 month check up smear test result

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to give some reassurance as someone that had all clear smears and then had one CIN3.  Last April following my smear test I got the letter confirming that it was CIN3 and like many of you panicked and was very stressed.  The biopsy confirmed it was CIN3 and I had the lletz done.  The results said that they had removed the CIN3 but were not sure about clear margins so I had to wait until the 6 month check up smear.

I had this in Jan and have just got the results to say that it is normal and no evidence of HPV was found.  I am now back on 3 yearly smears but for piece of mind may have one privately next year.

Whilst I won't lie and say it hasn't be stressful, it is so reassuring to know that there is a solution to CIN3 and that the NHS was on the ball in this case.

I also wanted to thank everyone that posts on here as your experiences were very reassuring

Good luck to everyone.





Aww so happy for you :) I have got my lletz on tuesday and hearing positive stories like this makes me feel more positive about everything :) xx