6 month smear.

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Im feeling a little silly and just need to speak to someone and this group was great for me last time, so I had a LLETZ procedure and was graded CIN3 (high grade) with HPV positive result back in March, smear in January, so it’s coming up to my first 6 monthly smear since the procedure, I’ve had one period since in June (my procedure was in March) and I received my letter saying I have to go back and all those emotions from last time have come flying back the apprehension, the fear, the nerves it’s horrible, did anyone else feel this way or am I just being daft? I’m worried what they will find this time! undecided And I still don’t feel right I myself (period wise) since the last one (sorry if TMI)! 


Kerry x

Hi Kerry

you are not the only one i have just booked my smear test for next week this will be my 6 month check up after having my LLETX done were i had 3 bits taken away i was also found to have CIN3 and HPV positive. I am scared of what they may find I dont think it wil be CIN3 again but i dont know about the HPV and what it means if my boby hasnt managed to get rid of it its all the unknow that has me getting all worked up again. 


Hi Kerry and Michelle,  My daughter had her very first smear at 24 and had a letter referring her to hospital for a colposcopy as it indicated severe CIN3.  She was absolutely devestated and terrified, as was I.  The nurse couldn't see anything at all but did a biopsy and this was sent away.  A few weeks later a letter arrived advising her that she had slight abnormalities and needed a LLETZ excision which was duly done.  After three weeks of anxiety and my daughter on the verge of a breakdown, I called the hospital and they said she was being discharged back to the GP.  Today her letter arrived and we are none the wiser.  It explains that she had CIN3 abnormal cells but not cancer cells, and she will have a smear in 6 months time for HPV test of cure.  The letter gives no indication of whether they were able to remove all the abnormal cells, but I am assuming that if they were still there, she would still be in the care of the hospital.  I am therefore hoping and praying that they got everything and the smear in 6 months time will be to make sure everything has gone.  Were your letters more specific or along the same lines?  So many other people posting seem to give far more thorough breakdowns in respect of the content in their letter so this is so vauge that is is now causing my daughter more anxiety.  Did the excision remove the abnormal cells or not?  I want to reassure her that at this stage they have got the cells and it is just important at the six months smear to make sure nothing has come back.  Also the HPV test of cure, I think looks to see if HPV is still there or it is cured?  In answer to your concerns, I completely understand your anxiety and I'm only mum, but I'm holding on to the positive that you both (and my daughter) are back with the GP and have been discharged by the hospital so that is a good sign.  If there was something significant to be concerned about, they would not have discharged you.  Or am I being naive?  Good luck xx

This was the exact wording of my letter too - confirming CIN3 and no mention of margins. I rang the dept, receptionist put the consultant on to speak to me who apologised for badly worded NHS standard letters and told me that the lab report said the margins were clear. It's always worth a phone call

As for HPV, the virus is detectable only when it is active. A negative HPV test can mean either that HPV has been cleared from the system or that it has been suppressed by the immune system (as I understand it, no way of knowing which). Either way, it can't cause cell changes or be passed on.

I never got my letter i had to keep ringing and ringing untill i spoke with someone that gave me the out come over the phone, I am finding it hard not to worry tho as i ended up having 3 earas removed in the end and alto they said the extra parts they took were clear I cant help but worried they missed something and it dosnt help the last few weeks i have started to get pains but i do think that more my mind playing games with because i am worried about having to go though it all aging of that it may be wrose this time.

Hi Kerry, it's me again from 6 months ago :)

Was on here browsing to see if anyone else was having a follow-up smear and a bit worried about it. I'm sort of going through the same thing - I got my letter, my heart sank, I'm apprehensive of having to go through it all again. I feel like it's probably going to be abnormal, especially since my periods haven't been normal since the LLETZ (and for the past three months I've been having proper periods every 2 weeks). I went for the smear yesterday, can't say it was fun but all to do now is wait. All I can assure you - and myself - with is that the LLETZ is meant to be highly successful, and if it wasn't, they will do what they can to fix that. 


If you need someone to talk to, I'm here.