I have not yet and hope not to be diagnosed with cc. I am still waiting on colposcopy in a few months. I have been spotting a few days a month for 5 months and bled a lot during Pap and was super sensitive to even the touch of the q-tip. Pap was normal and HPV negative, vag swab was normal. I have cramps on and off all month. Feels like I can almost pinpoint area, most of the time it feels as if there is an ice cube on cervix and frequently get sharp pains that shoot up or down, worse on my period. I have a tilted uterus so I'm not sure that is why it feels as if it is more on my left side of cervix but it may not be. Did anyone else get pain besides abnormal bleeding? I'm terrified. 

Hi Cserrano16

Sorry you are having difficulties and found yourself here and wondering.  Hopefully it will be something easily fixed and not cc.  
The only symptom I had prior to diagnosis was an increased virginal discharge. It was completely inoffensive but watery and I was becoming irritated by my knickers being damp.  The reason I mention this is that it appears to be quite common and easily dismissed (embarrassing and possibly hormonal). 
I'm assuming, that if you have found this site you are probably aware of this as a symptom (although often it is described as smelly/offensive and mine was not). 
Good luck and keep on pushing for an answer. Once you get to the gynaecologist team you are in safe hands. It might be worth contacting colposcopy clinic and let them know that you can attend at short notice for a cancellation. A lot of people are cancelling due to covid. (It depends on how happy you are to go to the hospital in the current situation). 
You are in the right place for support and advice.

big hugs


I agree with what Rufus has suggested.  i think trying for a cancellation appointment at the colposcopy clinic would be worthwhile, especially as you are so concerned.

Just to pick up on the point that Rufus makes about a watery inoffensive vaginal discharge.  This was also my experience; so innocuous was my discharge, albeit persistent and a bit annoying, that more than 3 months elapsed before I decided to visit my GP.  I think the fact that the discharge is often described as smelly/offensive is misleading and I have made several attempts to get published information changed; I think a more comprehensive description would be 'persistent abnormal discharge'. 


Thank you for your replies. I am in the US and it is standard to do colposcopy with your OBGYN. 

I, prior to diagnosis had watery discharge I put down to hormonal. I had one big bleed. I was diagnosed in Feb with cc stage 3c - 2.4mm /9mm and in a lymph node(s). 

I'm due to start chemorads 9th april

Hi, like the others it was a large abnormal bleed after sex that led to my diagnosis but since my diagnosis I have discovered other symptoms which I had dismissed, I suffered on/off again pain in my left thigh which radiated to my knee, vaginal discharge which had become quite smelly towards the end (I had dismissed this as some sort of infection) and I have had horrifically painful periods the last while which I also just dismissed. The waiting is hard as no matter how hard you try not to your mind will run away with you but one thing I will say is that a lot of cases of cc have got a positive outcome and the medical teams dont seem to mess around. I was diagnosed on the 26th February and just returned home yesterday having had a radical hysterectomy which hopefully now means I'm cancer free.

my problem is the Dr isn't taking me seriously because even though I bled a lot and have cramping my pap and hpv came back negative. I know there's something wrong. I hope you are doing well and recover from surgery soon!

Is there any way you could go to a different GP? I attended a different GP when I was referred to A&E initially as my normal GP is male and I was just more comfortable at the time with a female GP, silly I know but I was only saying to my OH on the way home from the hospital that I want to drop her in a thank you present because I really believe she saved my life by taking me so serious at that very first meeting. Just a thought if it is a possibility.