Terrified - Urgent Referral for Colposcopy after CC symptoms

Hi there, 


I'm new to the forum and firstly can I say thank you for everyone that has contributed. I've spent hours over the last week reading information about cervical cancer and more importnantlly, the stories of others.


I'm 37 and have not had cervical screening for 10 years (I know, utterly stupid). For the last six months, I've had profuse watery discharge and post-sex bleeding. Not a huge amonut of blood, but very noticeable. Sex with my husband can also be painful if he's not really gentle. Last Sunday, I felt my cervix and although it's not something I routinely do, I could feel that things were differnenet (I used to have a coil and I was advised to check the threads every so often). 


Because of the changes to my cervix, I googled a self diagnosis and of course, my symptoms all fell into place. I was lucky enough to get a GP appointmetn the followign day and she has referred my for an urgent colposcopy on Tuesday. She couldn't say for sure that there were any abnormalities, but there was blood onthe speculum after the examontaion  I'm completely terrifed, because, if it is CC, then I would guess that it's pretty far advanced. I understand that cervical ectropian can produce the same symptoms and I was hoping tha someone coudl offer some advice if theyr've ben in the same postion as me. 

I have two young boys (2 and 5) and cannot afford to be ill for them. 


Thank you for reading 

I feel for u coz I'm in a simulate situation although I've always had no problem havin my smears. I've had bleeding and discomfort during sex for past 6 months, I went to docs who referred me to hospital, I went last week and after examination the specialist said that she can see something growing just inside my cervix, she drew a picture of it to show me, I was referred for an urgent op which I go in for a week today which is a hysteroscopy and biopsies also I was told I need an urgent colposcopy which I've not heard anything about yet but I expect it will be this week sometime. It's such a worry as I've been in a lot of pain last couple days :0( I'm terrified coz I too have kids, 4 Ianfact and a lovely hubby who is my rock. I hope it's good news soon for both of us Hun.


Thanks for your response. I'm having the colposcopy tomorrow so I'll let you know



Let me know how you get on too and good luck xxxx