Worrying symptoms / gynae referral

Hi ladies, I'm not even sure that this is the correct place to post this, but here it goes anyway. 

After starting to get irregular bleeding between periods, longer heavier periods, less time In between periods, lower left back pain, lower left abdominal pain, left side pain, pain during sex, bleeding after sex, lots of clots during period, I went to see my gp, got a smear and bloods, all normal, she did see cervical erosion which wasn't worrying, but as symptoms were so worrying she referred me to the gynae clinic in hospital for more investigation.

So I was convinced that I was going for a colposcopy to look closer at my cervix, along with internal scans to look at my ovaries ect..

In the appointment he said my symptoms wernt worrying ?‍♀️, he didn't even look at my cervix but just did an internal scan where he found nothing, suggested my start the pill or coil to control the bleeding, and didn't have any answers for any of my other symptoms, ? it was maybe this and maybe that.. He then tried to put a coil in and couldnt, the pain was awful and he couldn't find my cervix, blamed it on the bed I was on and he referred me elsewhere to get it done which could take 4 plus weeks..

My question is, shouldn't he have looked at my cervix? Wasn't that the whole point of the appointment? 

Hi I have been experiencing the same symptoms as yourself and feel that its a battle to be seen and get any kind of procedure due to covid but I would suggest if you are still having these symptoms the just keep going back to your doctor with concerns and they might refer you for colposcopy xx

Hi Diane, I waited 9 weeks to be seen by gynae clinic due to covid, which was good I think, compared to the 6 month waiting time I was originally told, I just feel so down now... Having some sort of answers is better than no reason at all, I'm furious.. I am in no way wishing something as bad as cancer on myself just to have answers, I thought maybe endometriosis or something similar... The problem with no reason is that u end up with no treatment. Which seems to be the story of my life. I'm phoning my gp tomorrow, just hope she doesn't blow me off too. If she does I don't know where to go from there. Xx

When I had went to my docs the last time I was having a heavy bleed so she put me on tranaxemic acid and reffered me to gynae who just said they would send me for an ultrasound which could take 10-12 weeks then go back for a follow up appointment to discuss a possible ablation or hysterectomy but smear test has come back with signs of infection so going to contact doctor again. I really do believe you know your own body and when you think something isn't right then you need to get checked. I hope you get it sorted. xx

I'm the same. I was put on tranaxemic acid too, I've to take it for 4 days during my period, it does help a bit, but doesn't take the heaviness away completely, yes you are completely correct, you do know your own body. Something just isn't sitting well with me. It could be my anxiety getting best of me but it just doesnt feel right, he also said to me that a menopausal woman's lining is 16mm and mine is sitting at 10mm, well didn't I go check that out online ?? which I should not have and apparently its not normal, but he told me it was.. Uggghh... I hope your appointment goes well, and I hope the infection isn't too bad, keep me updated xx


Hi Chrisy,

Trust your instincts.You know your own body when something doesn't feel right.

I suffered with severe constipation and side pain and saw 3 different doctors at my local surgery who fobbed me off with an irritable bowel diagnosis for 6 months. 

I kept on going back and then saw a different doctor who took me more seriously and I demanded a scan.

After my internal scan at the hospital they suspected a fibroid? 

It was only when I had a smear, then a colposcopy and finally an endometrial biopsy that they confirmed I had 5cm cervical cancer!

Don't give up trying to get to the bottom of the problem as I am relieved I finally did.

Take a friend or relative for support if you feel they aren't taking you seriously.   


Hi meesh thanks so much for this information, yes your totally correct, we know our own bodies and I'm trusting my instinct, I'm not saying I have cancer, I'm saying I refuse to believe that what I'm experiencing is nothing. I've been offered contraception to control my bleeding, but what about the pain, the cramps, the discharge, the pain during sex ect... Am I just ment to continue to live with this... Noway... I'm definitely getting a second opinion xx