Symptoms / Testing

Hi everyone please bare with me this may be a little long… Just looking to vent and gain some advice or thoughts on my situation.

Oct 2014 I was due treatment for CIN1 - I didn’t get this treatment as by the time I got an appt I was pregnant with my son and they just left it.

I had my smear done in January.
I got results 8 weeks later saying I needed a colposcopy which I kind of expected.

Just had that yesterday. When I arrived the doctor said oh it’s unlikely Youl need anything we will probably just monitor you. If you do it will be burning the cells and we will do it today.
Then she did the procedure and said she needed to take 3 biopsies. She wasn’t happy to burn the cells away there and then she wanted them checked out first before deciding on treatment.

Why the change of plan?

Bit of background detail;
I have been unwell since December 2015. I can’t explain in what way other than generally lethargic , feeling so tired and sick that I can’t stomach food. I have lost 1.5 stone in a few months . I’m tiny at 5ft and 4.5 stone…
I have extremely sore lower stomach : above my pubic bone.
Dizzy spells / fainting.
Leg cramps , sore pelvis (was put down to pregnancy but no better 1 year on) , lower back ache.
Watery discharge - clear and dries a bit yellow , no smell but really watery I can feel it coming out I’m sorry for tmi.

The list goes.

I’m 24 years old - one 4 year old and one nearly 1 year old.

I’m worried sick something is wrong. I’ve had 2/3 blood tests over the past few months blood count is normal etc. Nothing showing up.

Next move is endoscopy to my stomach but I can’t help thinking I have cervical cancer please help .

My anxiety is sky high I’ve had to be prescribed new tablets but I can’t take them because I’m already to lethargic and sick from what ever is going on and these make it worse.

I’m terrified because I was due treatment and didn’t have it…

Anyone .. X

Hi. I'm sorry you are going through this. Hopefully you will get an answer from the Dr soon. In the meantime be aware that anxiety can cause a whole host of real physical symptoms including what you have mentioned.  

I have had treatment for cervical cancer and the only symptom I had that you mentioned was backache so hopefully your symptoms are due to anxiety rather than cc.