Hey everyone


I posted here before but no one replied. I’m desperate for advice :( 


My Pap smear came back as CIN1 and colposcopy booked for mid November (which was booked 12 months ago). 


ive had the worst pain lately (feels like it’s in my cervix) and occasionally get sharp in my lower abdo/lower & upper back. 


I went to the hospital and they are making me feel like the pain is ”all in my head” but I know something has changed since my Pap, as the pain is getting worse and I’m feeling tired/dizzy/nauseated all the time & have pain that’s getting worse. I also have a lot of unusual discharge, bleeeding heavily in between periods,  & something just doesn’t “feel right”. I know my body well and I know something wrong, but my doctor won’t let me get in for an earlier colposcopy as she says my pain is unrelated because women with CIN or CC “don’t usually get pain in their cervix or abdo”. 

In Aus we have to go on a waiting list to see an oncologist as ob/gyn don’t do colposcopy/biopsy’s here.. and I don’t have private health so I have to use the public health system. 

Should I try for a second opinion? I feel like  I should trust the doctor but at the same time I know somethings not right.




Hi, sorry to hear about all the pain and nausea you are feeling, i would definately get a second opinion, you know your own body and it won't hurt ! please let me know how you get on , sending a big hug <3