Symptoms & High Grade Severe Dyskaryosis

Hello all, 

Here seeking advice and to try and to understand others' expriences - I stupidly avoided my second smear for 2 years and got a call from my Doctor, before recieving my results by post, to tell me they had found High Grade (severe) dyskaryosis and that I have an appointment next week. Usually I try not to worry about things, but the reason I finally had my smear was because for about the last three years I have had bleeding post-intercourse (not every time but quite frequently) and sometimes pain (not as frequently as the bleeding and tends to depend on position - please forgive my candidness but eager to find out if this is common), and I finally got past the embarrassment to speak to my doctor about this, who was quite unhelpful really and just advised me to wait to my smear results were back. I also suffer from lower back pain and have for some while and pain in my lower abdomen but just put this down to bad posture sitting at my desk. 

I hadn't related any of these symtoms to cevical cancer, at 28 I didn't really think it was likely, but having recieved that result and paranoid googling I have just realised that it could all be related. 

I guess what I want to know is has anyone had these symptoms and it's just been pure coincidence that they had high grade dyskaryosis? If so, what caused these symptoms? 

To put it into context, I haven't had children yet; my husband has been my only partner for the last 7 years; I don't smoke. I had my first smear at 22 because both my sister and my mum had adnormalities in their cervix, both CIN 3 but not cancer, however they never had my symptoms - I had to get the smear twice the first time round as they couldn't define the result from the sample, but second time result was fine. 

Thank you for any advice - I'm really glad I found this forum! 


I also had several cancer like symptoms including continual bleeding and pains and last year it was discovered I had CGIN but the biopsy showed no cancer. So it is possible to have abnormalities at the same time as having symptoms that are caused by something else. Still haven't actually found the cause of my symptoms yet but no evidence of it being cancer which is a relief. Hope your next appointment goes okay. x

Hi I was just wondering how your results were, I also had symptoms for a while abnormal bleeding, pain just above my pelvic area, back pain rapid weight loss unintentional and uncomfortable sex and bleeding afterwards, I decided to get a smear I knew they would come back abnormal and come back I had high grade dyskaryosis hope it went well for you not looking forward to a colposcopy