High grade dyskaryosis & symptoms

Hi everyone

So I have been having pelvic pain and lower back pain along with some pain after sex for several months and this is being investigated by gynae at my local hospital. I had a cervical screening test a couple of weeks ago and the results came through the other day.

I tested positive for HPV and have high grade dyskaryosis. Have been referred for a colposcopy.

Ordinarily if I had not been experiencing any symptoms I would be taking this in my stride with minimal worry ( I think) however this result along with my symptoms and then the fact that I have not had a cervical screening test for 8 years has me beside myself with worry.

Hi @Bex1983, bless you honey! I know it’s easy for me to say but try not to worry.
I was in the same position as you with the same results last year and all is fine! I had colposcopy and Lletz and I’m back for 6 month cervical screening in 2 weeks time.
We’ll get through this! And this forum is so lovely and supportive x